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For efficient combustion, fuel needs to flow in the right direction so that its pressure is maintained. This is the reason why the fuel injection system is outfitted with a fuel pump check valve. It is a mechanical pump component that can be found on automobiles made before the birth of electronic injection. Mechanical fuel pumps usually come with two-port check valve - one port is positioned on the water pump's inlet while the other one is on the pump's outlet. If this valve starts to malfunction, fuel pressure will no longer be maintained, causing your ride to stall or perform poorly. To determine the fuel pressure, you can use your fuel pressure gauge. One of the signs that your fuel pump check valve is stalling as soon as the pump turns off. It is caused by lack of pressure which drives fuel back to the tank. There are also cases when the vehicle becomes unable to start. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to have your check valve replaced immediately. Good news, we have the industry's best-rated fuel pump check valves for various vehicle makes and models. We will make your auto-part shopping so convenient and satisfying by offering your needed fuel pump check valve at prices you can afford. Low shipping cost is also guaranteed. So shop now!

Buying Guides

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Looking for the Right Fuel Pump Check Valve

The sole purpose of the fuel pump check valve is to keep the pumped fuel from going back into the fuel pump. However, this small function does a lot of things for a car's performance. A faulty fuel pump check valve may cause vehicle stalling after a short time of running, a long crank time that lasts up to 10 seconds, and having no ignition at all. If these three signs are evident in your car, you might have to replace your fuel pump check valve. Before you choose the replacement, it is better that you know some things to make the correct decisions.

Knowing the gender

Needless to say, each car model is different from the other. A small part such as the fuel pump check valve is not an exception. You need to consider the fuel pump outlet of your car. Does it have a male or a female thread? If the fuel pump outlet has male thread, you need to buy a check valve with female thread and vice versa. This is a factor that has been often overlooked by many. They only realized that they have bought the wrong thread once they are already underneath their car and about to replace the fuel pump check valve.

Handling the pressure

The fuel pump check valve is directly connected to the outlet of the fuel pump body. This puts the check valve into direct contact of the pressure coming from the pump. With this in mind, it is important to buy a fuel pump check valve that can handle as much pressure as what the pump can produce. The normal pressure a fuel pump check valve can handle is around 50 psi to 80 psi. Nonetheless, check the pressure range of the fuel pump in your car and buy the check valve that can handle it.

Repair Guides

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Fuel Pump Check Valve Replacement

A car's fuel pump check valve is an important part in the whole vehicle as it ensures the fuel pump is working well and far from causing any problem. A faulty check valve causes stalling, long crank time, and no ignition at all. Good news is that replacing this particular part is cheap as well as easy. Because it is a merely a small valve in the fuel system, it only costs a maximum of $20. Apart from this, replacing the valve does not require a trip to the mechanic. You can do the job yourself as you save money and get to know your car more. Following are simple steps on how to replace the fuel pump check valve in around an hour's time.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools required:

  • Cleaning solution
  • Impact gun or socket wrench
  • Large container
  • New sealing washers for the check valve
  • Old rubber hose
  • Rag
  • Screwdriver
  • Vice grip

Step 1: Prepare all the tools and supplies.

Step 2: Disconnect the battery from the negative cable.

Step 3: Go underneath the car.

Step 4: If the fuel filter and fuel pump are covered in an access panel, use a screwdriver to remove the bolts or nuts holding the access panel.

Step 5: Once the fuel filter and fuel pump are exposed, disconnect the harness connector in the fuel pump.

Step 6: Clean the filter, pump, and surrounding areas with a rag and cleaning solution.

Step 7: Pinch shut the fuel supply line connecting the transfer pump and the fuel reservoir. Use a vice grip covered with rubber hose as an insulator.

Step 8: Place the container to catch the fuel below the fuel reservoir.

Step 9: Disconnect the outlet fuel line.

Step 10: Remove the cap nut from the fuel pump's pressure side. This will allow fuel to drain into the container below.

Step 11: Once the fuel is drained, locate the fuel pump check valve from the pump body.

Step 12: Loosen the fuel pump's retaining clamp.

Step 13: Slide the pump to the driver's side of the vehicle to gain access to the fuel pump check valve.

Step 14: With the impact gun or socket wrench, remove the fuel pump check valve.

Step 15: Install the new check valve with new and clean washers.

Step 16: Reverse the steps to replace the fuel pump body and the fuel line.

Step 17: Stand up and reconnect the negative cable of the battery.

Step 18: Check your vehicle by turning the engine on.

Step 19: Look into the fuel pump and note any leak.

Step 20: Turn off the engine and wait for 10 minutes before giving it a test drive.

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