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  • Fuel Pump Push Rod Electrode Core Material
  • Fuel Pump Push Rod Fuel Sending Unit Included
  • Fuel Pump Push Rod Pressure Sensor Included

Fuel Pump Push Rod

We have 1,068 Items for Fuel Pump Push Rod In-stock.

Do you know that many of today’s fuel pumps work much like a well pump? Yes, they do! Each fuel pump comes with a push rod, and it is this rod which generates the force that draws fuel for delivery to the fuel injectors and the engine. A fuel pump push rod is a simple rod that moves up and down in accordance with the operation of the camshaft. Its lower part connects to a shaft, and it presses on the shaft whenever it moves downward. The shaft has a spring, and the spring exerts pressure towards the opposite direction (upwards). This transfer of power enables the push rod to continuously move, and that movement draws the fuel that your engine uses for combustion. The rod is a pretty durable component, but it sometimes gets damaged whenever the camshaft is upgraded. Why? Well, push rods have to be compatible with the camshaft with which they are used, and any incompatibility can cause unexpected wear and damage. Therefore, whenever you are upgrading to a steel billet roller cam, for instance, you have to use the right fuel pump push rod that will work with the said upgrade. Choose a rod that will not only do the job well but will also protect all the parts that it works with against damage.--end--You can find the right push rod when you shop here at Auto Parts Warehouse. The rods that we offer are lightweight, and many of them even come with a bronze tip. This feature is helpful because it ensures a wear-free connection between the rod and the cam eccentric. Added to these, each fuel pump push rod that we offer also boasts of high performance; it can prevent the occurrence of fuel starvation in your engine. And if you think that all these features come with a great price, then you’re wrong! All our push rods are offered at reasonable prices, and they all come with a Low Price Guarantee. If you find a similar product somewhere that is priced lower than our offered rate, just get in touch with us—we’ll match or even beat that price! If you’re not yet convinced, just check out our free shipping offer. For orders of $50 or more, you can have your parts shipped to your address free of charge! So, wait no more and get a new fuel pump push rod now!