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Fuel Solenoid

We have 3 Items for Fuel Solenoid In-stock.

If you've been tuning to Discovery Channel a lot, you must be very hooked to many amazing, usually weird, scientific discoveries ever documented. With the youth's adventurous fire still in you, you dream of going out into the world and face the many facts of life as they happen. Well, with the busy schedule that you got, the farthest you can go is your garage. Luckily, your car has so much in it as well to amaze you. This is where the fuel solenoid comes out of the picture and hits your imagination like a 5th grade science fair. Fuel solenoids use electrical currents to mix air and fuel by means of pressure and magnetism. Unlike carburetors, the fuel solenoid works by forcing fuel into a nozzle, atomizing it in the process, and efficiently combines it with air through high pressure. However, when your fuel solenoid went bzzzt and out on you, that's when all the excitement dissipates. It's damaged and it has to be replaced immediately before it causes more havoc to your engine and cost you more against your savings. To keep up with your quest for knowledge, replace the old and damaged fuel solenoid in your car by getting a high quality one here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Being the leader in auto parts and accessories with our low prices and fast deliveries, you are sure to get the most convenient service in your every purchase. Order now!