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Vehicle movements can cause damage to the fuel tank. To be on the safe side, and to prevent vehicle owners from getting a replacement tank every now and then, auto manufacturers have outfitted their models with fuel tank straps. Usually made of metal, these straps keep your fuel tank secured in its place no matter how bumpy the road is. With the fuel tank strap, you can be sure that the tank can continue doing its task under various road and driving conditions. If during your routine maintenance you discover that the said strap is rotted, rusted, or damaged to the point the gas tank is already falling out, the ideal solution would be to get a reliable fuel tank strap replacement. If you've just replaced your tank, or you've installed an auxiliary fuel tank, it is also good to complement it with a new pair of fuel tank straps. Where else can you find replacement or aftermarket fuel tanks straps than here in our site? Along with our wide array of auto and truck parts and accessories are lots of fuel tank strap choices for you to select from. What's great, they are offered at very reasonable prices. So secure your tank tightly and safely without shelling out big bucks. Get your needed fuel tank straps only from us!

Buying Guides

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Choose the Right Strap for your Car

Your car's gas tank contains the fuel needed for your engine to work. It also holds a dangerous, flammable material wherever you go. The only things that hold the tank in place are fuel tank straps. You might not recognize them quickly, but these things are very costly when disregarded, these were actually recalled by an American automotive manufacturer for replacement. You don't have to wait for that time to come, here are tips you can check when you want to replace your fuel tank straps.

How will I know which one's right for my car?

It is best to check out and measure what's on your car first. Since fuel tank sizes vary, the same go with the fuel tank straps. Another thing you should consider is the number of straps. Most cars have two, but you can expect three or more when the vehicle is larger. Still, some straps come in different measures; be aware of that as well.

Are these fuel tank straps easy on the pocket?

Some fuel tank straps sold individually are around $20, but if you need a pair, you can find the lowest price at 22. $These fuel tank straps don't go that high on the table, the most it can reach is $80, so if you want to go for affordability with quantity, between $40-$50 isn't bad at all.

Will these straps come with a warranty?

For a safer choice, always look for trusted names in the market. They offer 1-year to 5-year warranties for this particular part. You'll have the quality and the value that you deserve.

Can I replace fuel tank straps myself?

When you decide to purchase your fuel tank straps, it will come with its own hardware?nuts, bolts, washers. These, and your tools at home, are the only things you need to replace your straps.

Repair Guides

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Replace Your Fuel Tank in a Faster and Safer Way

Everyone takes caution when a car's gas tank is involved. Whether at a pumping station, or in your garage, extra safety must be observed. It's that split second of pure explosiveness contained in the tank which makes it something to watch out. In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to remove and replace the fuel tank strap?the support for the tank.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Tools you need:

  • Ratchet
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Pliers

Safety Tip: Wear safety equipment like eye wear, gloves, and appropriate work attire before you begin. Keep in mind that you are going under the car and working close to a flammable liquid.

Step 1: Park your car on a flat surface, and engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Jack the rear part of the car until you have good space to work underneath it.

Step 3: Place the Jack stand underneath the car's solid frame.

Step 4:Locate the fuel tank and you will also see the fuel tank straps.

Step 5: Position another jack stand underneath the fuel tank as a precaution.

Step 6: Use your ratchet to unbolt one gas strap, pull the strap away, and do the same for the other.

Step 7: Attach the new fuel tank straps by bolting them on the same position as the previous ones.

Step 8: Jack the car once again and disengage the jack stands.

The entire process would take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete. To prevent any accident from happening while performing this replacement, here are some things to remember:

  • Use the right tools and use them properly?DO NOT hit the fuel strap with a hammer or any tool that may cause friction with the gas tank.
  • DO NOT smoke while you're under the car and working on the replacement.
  • Make sure the fuel tank is supported properly when you have removed the tank straps.

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