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Congested garages are quite a common site. Many people suffer from a cramped garage. Aside from the vehicles, there's also other random stuff that's just lying around or hanging about that also take a lot of place. Items such as carpentry tools/materials, scrap wood, cleaning supplies, sports equipment, and old furniture also normally occupy people's garages. It tends to become a makeshift attic for some households. It's amazing how people manage to shove all those in there with their automobiles. If you have a jeep and put it in your garage, then it'll be much harder to manage the space available as that kind of vehicle is rather large. Fortunately, there's a tool that can assist you in freeing more space in your garage. The Garage Storage system can maximize the area inside your garage by also using its upper area. With the Garage Storage, you can vertically raise the hardtop of your jeep in order to free more space below. You can also utilize it to hoist other sizeable objects such as a kayak. The system is made up of various components. It comprises of a steel frame, strong cables, and the special lift mechanism. These parts work together in removing a jeep's hardtop and lifting it all the way up by the ceiling. It doesn't take a lot of work, and the same can be said about its installation (no drilling involved). The Garage Storage is pretty handy to have around, as even the ceiling area of your garage can now be put to good use. It's highly recommended for those who keep a lot of things in their garages. If you want one for yourself, you can purchase a Garage Storage system for an affordable price at Auto Parts Warehouse.While you may be experiencing storage problems in your garage, Auto Parts Warehouse has none of that, even if we carry more than 500,000 products in our catalog. Our massive selection of products, which includes the Garage Storage system, far surpasses that of your local auto store. Another category that we have local auto stores beat out is when it comes to our prices. All products from Auto Parts Warehouse are priced much lower than most of its local auto store counterparts. Indeed, shopping from us won't get you over the means of your budget. At Auto Parts Warehouse, we can provide you with products that are of superb quality without the expensive price tag.

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Best Solutions for Your Garage Storage Needs

Nope, you don't need to hire a decorator or join a reality TV show just to fix the mess in your garage! Having an idea of the kind of stuff you'll keep in it and the look you're going for, you'll be able to find the perfect storage solutions. Here are some options:


If you want to keep things neat, then cabinets are a practical choice. This is a great place to store and hide cleaning supplies, some chemicals, all sorts of car fluids, or anything that you have to lock away for safekeeping. It also helps that they come in great designs and accents made of metal, wood, or plastic. However, cabinets may have limited space, especially with their divisions or partitions.


Out of the numerous storage options you have for your garage, shelves are among the most affordable and most convenient when it comes to installation. They're flexible and functional. Only trouble is that it's quite hard to keep items organized in shelves over time, unless you're in the habit of putting stuff back where they belong. Unlike cabinets, they don't hide the clutter.

Overhead storage

Out of sight, out of mind-if that's the effect you're going for, then your best option would be overhead garage storage. What's great about this is that it leaves you with a lot of floor space. But because it's overhead, you may need a step tool or ladder. You also can't put boxes that are too heavy on it. You may also want to use clear containers or simply label the boxes, so finding things will be easier. This type of storage is best for stuff that you don't use too often or only during certain parts of the year.

Other storage solutions

For heavy equipment and other bulky items, you may use garage pulleys and hoists. There are also hooks for garden tools and even for your bicycle. For the ultimate garage system, you may combine shelves, racks, cabinets, hooks, and grids.


Firs things first: know how much space you really have before shopping for storage options. A list of the stuff you'll be putting in your garage will also help you make a good decision. With a set budget, shop around and compare till you find what works best for you.

Repair Guides

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Organizing Your Garage Storage System

If you can find sports equipment, tools, and car supplies in just a few minutes while fumbling in your garage, then you deserve a pat on the back for keeping the space neat and clean. But if your garage looks like another dumping ground for stuff of all shapes and sizes, then you seriously need some help before you get lost in the odds and ends. Here are best ways to organize your garage storage system:

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Trash bags
  • Vacuum or a broom
  • Basket

Step 1: Clean up!

De-clutter. Got nails and other small stuff lying on the floor? Use the broom or vacuum to pick them up and dump them in a trash bin or garbage bag. Remove dust on surfaces and cobwebs on the wall. You don't want bats, rats, and other creatures to live in your garage, do you? And let's not forget the oil or chemical stains on your floor! Also while cleaning up, you may want to sort out the mess-know which stuff goes to the trash bin, recycle center, or the drawers for safekeeping.

Step 2: Classify and organize!

Give your stuff a place they can rightfully call their own. All car supplies (coolant, oil, screwdrivers, nails, etc.) must go together. You can do the same for sports equipment, home projects, gardening tools, and stuff for your other hobbies. As you classify and organize the contents of your garage, you'll have a pretty good idea what kinds of storage system you need such as wall-mounted shelving or overhead cabinets.

Step 3: Store items at the right places!

Before you put away tools and equipment, have a good look at the space and storage system you have. For chemicals, fluids, and those you want to keep out of reach, a locked cabinet will be the ideal place for them. Items that you frequently use should go to shelves where you can see them easily. Items that you use from time to time or those you'd want to keep from plain sight may be placed on overhead storage.

Whenever you use any of your tools or work in your garage, put these items back where they belong-don't leave them hanging anywhere, so you won't have to deal with a pile of mess all over again.

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