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Garage Wall Guard

We have 2,992 Items for Garage Wall Guard In-stock.

If you think your ride is safe from unsightly scratches, dings, and paint chips when it’s on the garage, you’re wrong. If you’re not careful enough when parking it, there’s a big possibility that your vehicle's finish will be wrecked. Put into the equation the times when you or your kids accidentally swung the door open. Before any of these happens, it’s wise to invest in something that will protect not only your garage walls but also the vehicle’s doors and body panels. A garage wall guard can give you peace of mind knowing that you have something to cushion the impact of the vehicle’s door, thereby protecting the wall from dents and the vehicle’s door from scratches and paint chips. Most wall guards come in different visible colors, so you can see them even when it’s dark. There are also clear wall guards that will surely blend with your garage paint. Installation will never be a problem because these wall guards are usually pre-drilled with holes for easy mounting to various types of wall—be it drywall, studs, brick, and concrete surfaces. They also come complete with all the mounting hardware you need, so even a novice DIYer can install these guards in their garage wall. Who says you can’t buy peace of mind? By simply purchasing a set of reliable garage wall guard, you are saving yourself from the headaches brought by wall disasters. --end--Enjoy great savings by shopping for your needed wall guard only here at Auto Parts Warehouse. In this store, you’ll find more than two million automotive products in stock, all sourced from world-renowned auto parts manufacturers. Our comprehensive catalog will make it easy for you to find your needed item. We have a built-in search engine where you can key in your ride’s make, year, and model, and in just a few seconds, all the items that match your query will appear. From the list, choose the garage wall guard that matches your needs and your budget, and proceed to online checkout. Best thing is, you can do all that without leaving the comfortable confines of your home or office. If you’re looking for the best online deal, there’s no need to worry. All our products are backed by an amazing low price guarantee, which enables us to match up or beat the offer of our competitor on a certain product. Order a garage wall guard from us today, and start protecting both your vehicle and your garage wall.