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Gauge Set

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Do you want a gauge set that maximizes the fuel economy and longevity of your turbo diesel truck? Equip it with a top quality gauge set. Gauges can be found on your truck's dashboard. It usually consists of a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and indicators like your vehicle's gearshift position, seat belt warning light, parking-brake-engagement warning light, and engine malfunction light. The Sunpro light truck turbo diesel gauge set is a fitting addition to your dashboard to help you make the most out of your vehicle's performance and efficiency. This set comes with a Sport ST electric exhaust temperature gauge, a Sport ST mechanical boost gauge, and a triple gauge pod. With this product, you can accurately check your turbo boost pressure and other vital components of your pick-up truck. You also get warned ahead of time regarding high exhaust temperature and excessive transmission temperatures. Plus, it helps keep you from pricey repairs and component failure. You can get a Sunpro mechanical gauge set to add performance tachometer and gauges to your other automobile. This includes a Sport ST tachometer, a Style Line mechanical oil pressure gauge, a mechanical water/oil temperature gauge, and a double gauge pod. This set features those essential and durable gauges all in a single value pack. Do not risk experiencing an overheating engine in the middle of nowhere due to a faulty gauge or being pulled over for travelling beyond the speed limit because your speedometer is not functioning properly. Ensure your driving comfort and convenience by having a dependable set of gauges for your vehicle.Right here at Auto Parts Warehouse, you have easy access to superior quality gauge sets made by Sunpro and other trusted brands at very affordable rates. Take a look at our wide selection of innovative parts and cool accessories that can help you maintain and improve your truck's excellent performance and appeal. Make sure these parts are a perfect fit for your vehicle at our website by selecting the year, make, and model of your pick-up truck. Order on-line and get fast and reliable delivery. After you purchase your products, you will receive a tracking number so you can closely monitor the shipping process from the time your ordered parts leave the factory until they reach your home. With an superb gauge set in your truck, you can enjoy great fuel economy, optimum performance, and convenience on the road!

Buying Guides
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Choosing the Right Gauge Set for Your Car

Imagine yourself driving without any idea how fast you're going. You look at the dashboard, but there's no gauge set to tell you that you're already running 20 mph beyond the speeding limit. The next thing you know is a police man handing over a ticket for speeding. If you have a broken or malfunctioning gauge set, it's high time that you to purchase a new one right away to avoid speeding tickets, or get stuck in the road for an empty tank. A gauge set is a family of devices designed to tell the driver the overall situation of the vehicle. To help you decide on which gauge set to purchase, here's a short guide we created just for you.

Multiple gauge display set

A multiple gauge display set can range from 4 to 7 gauge clusters including a voltmeter, oil pressure indicator, water temperature, and fuel level display. This type of gauge set might be costly, but it can tell the most about your car. Investing in a multiple gauge display set can help you save in maintenance and repair costs as the monitoring devices will tell you immediately if there's something wrong with the vehicle.

Standard gauge set kit

A standard gauge set kit is composed of 2 to 3 gauge clusters that include standard combinations of speedometers, tachometers, fuel level indicators and quadrometers. This type of gauge set kit is commonly produced for factory production, and is largely custom-designed for different cars. Because of this, you can easily find a standard gauge set replacement specially designed for your car.

Standard gauge sets also have varying mounts especially for heavy-duty vehicles that require pillar gauge pods for the gauge clusters to fit. Standard gauge sets can also be located in the grab handle area beside the driver's seat.

Repair Guides
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How to Install a Gauge Set in Just 7 Steps

How do you know if you're driving past the speeding limit? How do you know if your gas tank is empty or not? How do you even notice that you're already having an engine leak? Monitoring the overall status of your vehicle from speed, torque, and temperature all boils down to one important automobile part-the gauge set. The gauge set is composed of a variety of meters ranging from odometers, tachometers, and speedometers among others. These monitoring devices serve as indicators that there is something wrong with your car. Without the gauge set, you might just get a speeding ticket since you have no idea how fast you're driving. Unless you want to pay for those costly traffic tickets, replace that broken gauge set of yours-all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Tools you'll need:

  • Marking Pen
  • Electric drill
  • Coarse thread pitch screws
  • Cable ties
  • Wire crimper
  • Electrical tape

Step 1: Park your car in a leveled surface, and turn off the engine.

Step 2: Choose which part in the dashboard you want to install the gauge set. It is recommended that you install the gauge set under the dashboard so as to hide away unpleasant wiring.

Step 3: Draw a mark on the dashboard where the gauge set will be placed. Use the mounting bracket that comes with the gauge set kit you bought. Use a marking pen to indicate the area wherein the gauge set will be positioned.

Step 4: Using the electric drill, pierce a hole onto the marked areas where each gauge will fit.

Step 5: Attach the mounting bracket onto the dashboard using coarse thread pitch screws for a stronger adhesion.

Step 6: Detach the broken gauge set from the dashboard, and cut off the wires connecting it to the engine by using a wire crimper or a pair of pliers. Connect the appropriate wires onto the right gauges. This might take a while to do especially for DIY beginners, so if you can't do it yourself, call for professional assistance to help you out with the wiring. Connect one end of a threaded wire coming from the gauge to the threaded one that connects it to the engine, and power source using electrical tape.

Step 7: Turn on the ignition, and see if the gauge system does work.

Installing a gauge set can span from easy to moderate depending on your skills, and your experience in auto repair. The entire procedure can last up to 2 hours for a beginner DIYer, and 44 minutes for the average auto enthusiast.