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Glove Box Latch

We have 9 Items for Glove Box Latch In-stock.

So you want to keep rolling in style? Then you better outfit your ride not just with reliable but also trendy parts and accessories that speak about your styling preferences. Yes, even if that means very small details such as the glove box latch. Since this is a compartment where you place small items like your first aid kit, owner's manual, first aid kit, gloves, and many others, it must be kept securely closed when the vehicle is running. The glove box is positioned in the vehicle's dash, just in front of the passenger. You can also place here your valuables like your camera, portable music players, pens, and some important car documents. Because of these, you have to make sure that the glove box latch is properly working. This component keeps your glove box closed to prevent all the things you put on it from falling off or flying around the cabin. When this latch necessitates replacement, you have nothing to worry about because the task is very easy that even a novice DIYer can accomplish in just a few minutes. You can find the finest glove box latch replacement only here in our site. Ordering here is as easy as 1-2-3. Just browse our user-friendly catalog, take your pick, and place your order!

Repair Guides
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Date Published:

How to Switch Your Busted Glove Box Latch

Everyone keeps important stuff in the glove box-car documents, driver's license, wallet, and other valuables. If you've got a broken glove box latch, you won't be able to get any of these the moment you need them. Lucky for you, you've got this guide to show how to replace the damaged latch and restore convenient access to your glove box.

Difficulty level: Easy

Things that you'll need:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Glove box latch replacement

Step 1: Some vehicles require removal of the glove compartment by removing the light wiring around it together with the screws or bolts that hold it in place. Other vehicles, however, do not require this step.

Step 2: Take out the retainer that holds the glove box latch in place using the screwdrivers. Press the end of the screwdriver against one of the open ends of the latch. Make sure all screws are accounted for to avoid hassle during installation.

Step 3: Remove the lock cylinder (if any). You can skip this step if your latch has a different design. Some designs only require removing the damaged latch's screws and sliding it off the lid.

Step 4: Install the lock cylinder into the new glove box latch. Before attaching it, clean and lubricate the latch to ensure that the lock cylinder fits quickly. Again, you can skip this step if your glove box latch doesn't have a lock cylinder.

Step 5: Get your glove box latch replacement and install it in place of the old one. Mount it carefully and secure it using the retainers and screws you removed.

Step 6: Test out the new latch by opening and closing the glove box. You can also insert your key into the slot to check if the lock cylinder was installed properly.