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Glove Box Strap

We have 2 Items for Glove Box Strap In-stock.

Does your glove compartment fall out and sag a little whenever you try to open it? Then there's probably something wrong with your glove box strap. The glove box is that small compartment built into your dashboard, located just a little above the passenger seat floor. You're probably already familiar with this since you often use it to store miscellaneous stuff, such as CDs, documents, folders, and, yes, even extra clothes. A glove compartment is originally used to store gloves, but you can easily squeeze almost anything in it, as long as it fits the small space inside. To prevent your stuff from falling out and leaving a mess in your vehicle, the glove box is secured with a latch and in some cars, it can also be locked with a key. However, if your glove box strap is damaged, the compartment will sag and the contents inside may fall out. You'll also have a hard time closing the compartment properly if the strap breaks or becomes loose. Even if the compartment's closed and locked, it will still sag a little, making it look rather unsightly. That's why you need to replace the strap right away once it becomes worn out.

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