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While having a good front bumper may be nice to look at, it may not be enough to keep your ride protected from a collision. Once the vehicle gets hit, not only will you have to worry about its condition, you'll also have to worry about the affected parts. So, to give your vehicle that added padding, you might want to consider investing in a sturdy grille guard. Once installed, this accessory can give your vehicle that added protection it needs to withstand being hit. It also helps absorb the impact dealt by minor collisions. Aside from keeping your vehicle's front end safe, this add-on can also give your ride a more aggressive look. To help it do all of these, it's constructed from stainless steel tubing to keep it from wearing out quickly. Not only that, this guard also comes with a chrome or powder-coated finish that doesn't only complement your ride, but also helps it fight against rust and corrosion. When it comes to installation, this device can be installed easily onto your vehicle. All you need are simple hand tools. Don't worry, though, since most grille guards already have their own mounting hardware. So, if you're looking to instantly revamp the look of your ride, don't think twice about getting a grille guard. Not only can it help make your vehicle look good, it can protect it from road hazards as well. Now, if you're bent on getting this component, be sure to order one that fits your ride. Get it from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

Buying Guides

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Things to Consider in Buying a Grille Guard

When you want to add tough looks and protection to the front end of your vehicle, buying a grille guard is always good idea. The following should help you make an informed decision when picking out your grille guard.

The function of the grille guard

The grille guard is used to fortify a vehicle's front end. Usually made from steel tubing, this accessory helps prevent front-end damage in the event of a collision. Aside from boosting the vehicle's front-end protection, this component can also be used for low-speed pushing. Its sturdy construction allows pushing with minimum risk for damage.

Another important function of the grille guard is that it's often used to mount auxiliary lights. For most off-road drivers, this is an important feature since maximum visibility is a requirement for this type of sport.

Different types of grille guards

Choosing a grille guard depends on how much protection you want for your vehicle's front end. Here are the five basic types of grille guards that you can choose from:

  1. Full front end grille guard- This grille guard provides maximum protection to a vehicle's front end. In some cases, full front-end grill guards are equipped with padded uprights to further cushion impact. These grille guards also feature brush guards for complete headlight protection.
  2. Center grille guard- This type of grille guard is essentially the same as a full front-end grille guard-the only thing missing are its brush guards. Center grille guards are perfect when mounting winches and auxiliary lights.
  3. Bumper guard- This grille guard is smaller and shorter compared to full front-end grille guards and center grille guards. Though it can provide adequate protection to the vehicle's bumpers, its location prevents this component from offering coverage to the headlights and upper grille.
  4. Skid plate- This type of guard is designed to provide protection to the underside of a vehicle. Skid plates are crafted from steel, and are usually attached to full front end grille guards and center grille guards.

Kinds of grille guard finish

These days, grille guards are offered in two kinds of finish: black powder-coat and highly polished. Black powder-coated grille guards offer better protection against corrosion, while highly polished grille guards offer a classic look to your vehicle.

Repair Guides

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The DIYer's Guide to Grille Guard Installation

If you want to give your truck or SUV an instant makeover while boosting its front end protection, then you need to invest in a high-quality grille guard. Grille guards provide instant protection to your headlights and grille, making them a popular addition to off-roading vehicles. In case you already have a new grille guard on hand, you can follow the instructions below to easily install your new auto accessory.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Floor jack
  • Pedestal jacks
  • Grille guard kit
  • Ratchet
  • Socket wrench

Step 1: Using your floor jack, raise the front end of your vehicle. Make sure the resting pad of the jack comes into contact with a solid frame of your vehicle. Never put the floor jack on the axle because it can cause the vehicle to fall down.

Step 2: Put a couple of pedestal jacks right behind the front wheels. The pedestal jacks are there for added safety, just in case the floor jack fails to handle the vehicle's weight.

Step 3: Check the front bumper of your vehicle for the mounting holes where the grille guard will be installed. If there are bolts or screws placed in the mounting holes, carefully remove them using a socket wrench.

Step 4: Check all the contents of the grille guard kit, and be sure read the installation instructions and reminders on the product manual.

Step 5: Align the grille guard's holes to the correct mounting holes in your vehicle. Grille guards are actually pretty heavy, so make sure you have someone who can help you execute this step.

Step 6: Use a washer with every mounting bolt to secure the grille guard in place. Tighten the bolts and make sure the grille guard is fastened properly.

Step 7: Lower the vehicle using your floor jack and pedestal jacks.

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