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Cylinder Head Gasket

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The head gasket is one of the most important seals in the engine, designed to withstand the intense heat and pressure of the combustion process as it forms the seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. This position makes it responsible for sealing the combustion chambers, as well as the oil and coolant passages that run between the cylinder head and block. The head gasket has a tough job, helping to keep the intense forces of combustion confined to the combustion chambers, protecting other vehicle components from the damage they could cause. While the head gasket is designed to perform this vital function for the life of the engine, a variety of factors can cause it to fail prematurely. Among the most common causes of head gasket failure is engine overheating, which can cause the cylinder head to swell or warp, breaching the head gasket seal. Engine misfire or detonation is another problem that frequently leads to failure of the tough head gasket seal, the force of it damaging the combustion armor in the chamber, leaving the head gasket directly exposed to the heat and pressure of combustion, eventually forcing the seal to give way. Our online catalog carries a great selection of head gasket replacement parts at very reasonable prices. Our site is user-friendly and very secure to make ordering your head gasket replacement safe and easy, or you can dial our toll-free phone line to order with the assistance of our expert customer service staff.