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Headlight Conversion Kit

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Headlight Conversion Kit Products

Looking for a headlight conversion kit? Are you after an improved headlight performance or a better front end appeal? Well, there's good news for you! There are kits designed to give you both benefits-appeal and function! You'll find different kits containing headlights of varying intensities, lights of different characteristics, and those that come in different shapes and beam colors. These are designed both to give you a brighter illumination ahead and to provide a stylish look that will make your vehicle stand out. Some kits are crafted to increase your visibility range while others are built to generate more beams. You'll also find a headlight conversion kit containing bulbs designed to offer beams as bright as daylight to enable you to see clearly. Just be sure that the kit you get is of top quality. Look for approval and certification by institutions such as DOT and SAE. Also, look into the technology packed in the crafting of the kit. Browse our wide selection of parts here at Auto Parts Warehouse to find a wide array of choices. We have parts designed for performance upgrade and appeal enhancement, and these are offered at affordable prices. Get the right headlight conversion kit for your ride and enjoy optimum driving visibility.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Picking Out the Perfect Headlight Conversion Kit

If you're reading this, you've realized something that few people have: that your headlights are not operating at their fullest potential. You want more, don't you? If only for the added safety it brings. Now, the thing is that conversion is not a very straightforward kind of thing. There are few things that you need to know in order to get the selection process right.

A question of legality

Before you even start to dream of lighting up the night with those new headlights, you have to make sure that your headlights are actually legal for use. Generally, the range is roughly between 4100k and 6000k-the lower edge of the range covering whites and the higher edge covering bluer tints. Don't worry, though, it isn't actually as complicated as all that.

In fact, with many online retailers or reputable brick and mortar stores, you can guarantee legality-just look for Department of Transportation stickers and certification. The reason we mention reputation of retailers here is because, being honest, it's easy to fake stickers and tags! The smart shopper always goes for trusted names in retail.

And now we talk about fit

So you finally figured that the lights you want are perfectly legal, now the thing to consider is whether or not they even fit your vehicle at all. Three things are at play here that you need to match: year, make, and model. You have to get all three matched up perfectly. If there's one thing consistent in automotive development, it's that the front face of the car will always be changing constantly-to get this fit wrong is to basically waste money.

The final word

If you notice, we didn't go much into the actual type of lighting involved. That's because all the ones out there-xenon, HID, 4-high, colored or otherwise-offer the same illumination enhancement in essence. Besides, truth be told, not all are compatible with the available wiring in your car and might even prove incompatible. Go for legality and fit, and you cannot stray too far from the correct path.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Upgrading Your Lights With a Headlight Conversion Kit

We don't know if you have ever noticed, but most vehicles actually have four headlights up front. A pair of each handles the lighting load for either high- or low-beam-there is no setting that uses all four at the same time. Most conversion kits, like the one covered here, allow you to "upgrade" your high beam setting in such a way that uses all four lights to their maximum potential. It's an easy to do DIY job that you do not have to rely on a mechanic for-just gather together some tools and follow along.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Stuff you will need:

  • Headlight conversion kit
  • Vehicle's owner's manual
  • Pliers
  • Clean rag
  • Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Disconnect your vehicle's battery, and wait for 30 minutes before doing any work. This is to keep you safe from any potentially dangerous electric shocks.

Step 2: Remove the two retaining pins that hold your headlight assembly-these are always located near the front corners of your car.

Step 3: Tilt the headlight assembly out and away from its housing. Be careful when doing so. Check around to see whether or not it will fall off and rip the wiring off when you let go.

Step 4: Take note of the wiring configuration of the harness. Take the purple wire and push it into the wire tap included in the converter kit. Do the same for the white wire into the remaining groove of the wire tap.

Step 5: Close the hinged cover, and make sure it's secured tight.

Step 6: Firmly squeeze the together the metal prongs of the tap with a pair of pliers. Make sure that the prongs penetrate both wires.

Step 7: Attach the pale yellow wire from the headlight harness to the brown wire from the conversion module.

Step 8: Carefully push the headlight back into its housing-secure it with the two retaining pins that you removed earlier.

Step 9: Look for a flat area in the engine bay and carefully clean it with alcohol and a clean rag. Make sure to remove any dirt that can make adhesion fail.

Step 10: Using the attached adhesive, securely place the conversion module on that cleaned surface.

*Note* Just repeat the steps for the other headlight assembly!

Step 11: Reconnect the battery and test the lights!

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