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A defective heater is a big problem especially during winter. You and your passengers could experience a "chilling" inconvenience when the part becomes faulty on a bleak morning ride. See, you could get frostbites without the warmth provided by the heater. With this kind of problem, too, you're most likely to catch colds if you're going on a long trip. So before heading out for the road on a cold day, remember to check your car heater first. If there's a damaged part, replacement must be done immediately. The heater valve is one of the most important components that drivers need to check since it's directly involved in the distribution of hot air inside the cabin. This valve is connected to a slide, lever, or dial on the dashboard. By flicking any of these, the driver is able to control the amount of coolant that the valve directs to the heater core. To inspect the valve, you have to do a bit of searching because it's found at the back portion of the engine bay. Now, when this valve gets damaged, the flow of hot air may cease. And the worst thing that could happen is that there won't be any warm air flowing in your car's interior. To avoid this hassle, you must find a high-quality heater valve replacement as soon as possible. For auto parts of superior quality, shop only at Auto Parts Warehouse. You'll surely get the best value for your money if you buy replacement parts from us.

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Keeping Your Car Cozy: Heater Valve Replacement

Your car's heater core is responsible for keeping the interior of your vehicle warm, which is something that is crucial during winter. Without a working heater core, travelling in your car in cold weather will feel like being trapped inside a moving freezer. Now your heater valve is what allows you to control the amount of heat that enters the passenger compartment. A damaged or defective heater valve can make your ride extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, a replacement valve is easy to get, and the replacing itself is easy to do.

These instructions are written with a Nissan Sentra in mind. You can use this as a guide, but refer to your vehicle's owner manual for specifications that may require you to deviate from these instructions.

Difficulty level: Easy

Here's what you'll need:

  • Wrench set
  • Drain Pan
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Replacement heater valve
  • Vehicle Owner Manual

Step 1: Open the hood of your car and use your wrench to separate the negative battery cable from the battery terminal.

Step 2: Place the drain pan directly under the radiator, at the front passenger's side of your vehicle.

Step 3: Open the drain petcock in your radiator to drain the coolant until it is below the level of the heater. If you open the radiator cap and look into the radiator, you should be able to see the level of the coolant while you drain it.

Step 4: You will find two hose clamps on the heater hoses at both sides of the heater valve. Use your flat head screwdriver to loosen and remove both clamps.

Step 5: Pull the hose off each end of the valve before removing the actuator cable from the valve control. You may now discard the old valve.

Step 6: Attach the heater hoses to each end of your replacement heater valve and secure them into place with the clamps. Be careful not to damage the hose while tightening the clamps with your screwdriver.

Step 7: Attach your heater's control cable to the arm of your replacement heater valve-just slide cable into the hole in the arm.

Step 8: Refill the coolant system with clean coolant or reuse the coolant in your drain pan if it's still clean. Re-attach the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal.

Step 9: You may now test your new heater valve by starting the engine and turning the heater control to "Hot" with the blower on high. The passenger compartment should now be heating up nicely. Be sure to check the coolant level and add more coolant to keep it full.

Step 10: Close the radiator cap and shut off your engine. We recommend checking for leaks around the valve and tightening the clamps as necessary.

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