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Is the noise coming from your engine becoming more and more deafening? You shouldn't just jump into a conclusion that there's something wrong with the engine. Sometimes, the culprit can be your ride's damaged hood insulation. This part of the vehicle actually does two important tasks. It provides sound insulation so that harsh noises produced by the engine will be less obvious to vehicle occupants and other pedestrians. When the hood is raised, the insulation makes the inner panel of your hood look good. So if you have been customizing the components in your engine bay and you're planning to show it off to your friends, better match them with well-installed and attractively designed insulation. To make installation so much easier for a DIYer like you, a hood insulation kit proves to be a good choice. Some insulation kits contain retainer clips while glued-on insulation does not. Most kits include simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to install the insulation all by yourself. For your hood insulation needs, this site has the answer. For many years now, we've been providing the industry with top-quality auto and truck parts and accessories and that includes various hood components and accessories. No matter what your vehicle make and model is, we got your auto parts needs covered!

Buying Guides

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Hood Insulation: How Much Should You Spend For This Accessory?

There are two kinds of automotive owners: those who care about their automobiles and those who really, really care about their automobiles. Those who belong to the former are content of having decent-looking vehicles that run adequately. On the other hand, those who belong to the latter want everything about their automobiles to be perfect. People who seek perfection for their cars go the extra mile in order to keep their rides not only in tip-top shape, but also stylized to their liking. Perhaps you belong to the same group of automotive owners if you’re looking for hood insulation.

Functionality and Style

Hood insulation is just the thing for those who want to keep their rides protected as well as looking stylish. Hood insulation shields your hood’s paint job from terrible engine heat, thus preventing the paint’s deterioration. And as you now, a paint job—even just for the hood—can be quite pricey. With those said, this accessory definitely comes in handy when things get too hot under the hood.

Another practical use for hood insulation is to muffle engine sound. Noise can be a real bother when driving after all. Hood insulation is particularly useful for automotive owners that possess loud motors.

As stated above, hood insulation is a stylish addition to your automobile. Hood insulations come in different colors and designs. In fact, there are literally thousands of variants to choose from! You’d certainly find one in the market that would nicely complement your ride.


Since hood insulations come in numerous variants, prices for these accessories vary immensely. Basic hood insulations can go for as low as $30 while the more high-end (and stylish) ones can set you back for as much as $100. When talking solely of practicality, even the cheapest variants can provide the hood protection and muffling that you’re looking for. There’s no need to go for fancy and pricey hood insulation when you don’t have extra cash to spare.

Repair Guides

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Attaching Hood Insulation to Your Ride

At first glance, hood insulation may seem like a very basic accessory. However, it can benefit your vehicle greatly—more so than you perhaps imagine. Hood insulation can preserve your hood’s paint by shielding the hood from engine heat. As you know, engine heat can be particularly damaging to your car’s paint, and hood insulation is definitely cheaper than a new paint job. Hood insulation is a must-have for car owners that have noisy motors as it does a good job in muffling engine sound. Aside from those, hood insulation can also be a stylish addition to your vehicle. You can personalize your automobile through hood insulation as there are literally thousands of designs available in the market that you can choose from.

Installing hood insulation to your vehicle is a breeze. That’s obviously good news if you constantly want a fresh look for your hood because swapping your old hood insulation for a new one can be done in just a few minutes. We’ll guide you on how to do it as well as how you can keep your hood insulation clean.

Difficulty: Easy

  • Upholstery Tools
  • Box

Step 1: Park your car in a space where you can work properly. Make sure that the engine is cool before you start removing and installing stuff as you surely wouldn’t want to hurt yourself.

Step 2: Pop the hood once the engine is no longer hot. Using the appropriate upholstery tool, remove all the clips that keep the hood insulation in position. Place all the clips in a box so that you wouldn’t lose them, you’d still need each and every single one of them after all. Your old hood insulation should come off after all the clips have been removed.

Step 3: Position your new hood insulation properly. Hold it up (you can ask a friend for help) as you place each clip that you removed back into their respective places.

We told you it was a breeze, didn’t we? Well, cleaning your hood insulation is just as easy. Follow the steps below on how to do it.

  • Clean Rag
  • Non-solvent based cleaner

Step 1: Pop the hood and spray the non-solvent based cleaner all over your hood insulation. Don’t overdo it though. Light mists are sufficient.

Step 2: Gently wipe the hood insulation with a clean rag. Don’t scrub too hard as doing so can cause damage to the hood insulation.

Step 3: If necessary, repeat the previous steps.

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