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Are you in the market to find a hood molding for your ride? The market has lots of choices to help solve your problem. If you're a DIYer, a direct fit OE replacement proves to be a good choice since it allows you to do the installation easily by ensuring perfect fit in place of your stock. No modifications needed so you need not exert much of your time and effort. If you want a custom look for your car, there are also aftermarket hood moldings that come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. This means, you can always find a hood molding that will perfectly fit the looks you want for your ride. It's also great if you'll find a unit that's offered along with the manufacturer's warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are getting an authentic product. Where else can you find the industry's best-rated hood moldings than here? For many years now, we've been providing our customers with top of the line auto and truck parts and accessories offered at reasonably low prices. With our fast and secured shipping, you'll also get your needed hood molding in no time and in good condition.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Customize Your Car's Trims with the Right Hood Molding

Great style is about the minute details. A good paint job or 17-inch rims aren't the only things that contribute to a stylishly sleek car. That's why it is also important to keep your car's trimming as perfect as the rest of your ride. One of these trimmings is your hood molding. Though choosing one can get confusing, there are only three things you have to remember to get the right hood molding-location, material, and finish.


It's a common misconception that hood moldings only fit in the front of your car. But on the contrary, hood moldings can be installed in two different locations, the front and the passenger side. Since the front hood molding covers the entire expanse of your hood, it is generally longer than the one found in your passenger side. Hood moldings look their best when they are fitted correctly to your car. So before your purchase new ones, make sure where they will be fitted and whether you need longer or shorter ones.


Material is another factor to consider when buying new hood moldings. Plastic is the most popular type of molding material. Aside from being corrosion and dent resistant, it is also very light. It weighs approximately 50 percent less than its steel counterparts, which makes it preferred for racing applications. The only disadvantage of plastic is that though it is more resilient, once it is damaged it is harder to repair. In extreme cases, plastic also tends to warp with applied heat. Metal is another material commonly used in hood moldings. Its malleability allows it to be easily altered. Whether by welding or simple pounding, you can make your hood molding fit to your car even if it's a few centimeters bigger than the needed size. However, this also causes metal hood moldings to be more prone to dents, dings, stone chips, and corrosion. They are also heavier and more expensive than plastics. Hood moldings can also be made of rubber. One good feature of rubber is that it is strong and it exhibits good abrasion resistance, which makes it the toughest material for hood moldings in the market. But be careful when purchasing rubber hood materials; low-cost latex products generally shrink at high temperature.


The type of hood molding finish would depend on the overall look that you're trying to achieve for your hood. If you want your hood to match your door handles and side moldings, then a hood molding with a chrome finish would go perfectly well with your other chrome trims. On the other hand, if you have a specific color in mind, then you can choose among black, white, or primered molding finishes. Black hood moldings give a sleeker style with their flat black and glossy finish. You can also go for a white molding if you want something more pristine. For those who prefer custom-ability, your best option would be a primered hood molding.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Fitting a New Hood Molding

Your car is always exposed to tons of harsh elements when driving on the road. Humid weather and snowstorms take their toll on your car's exterior, which results in different attached parts popping out. One of these parts is your hood molding. When this happens, a simple quick fix of pressing it down your hood is not enough. Refasten your hood moldings with this reliable installation guide.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools you'll need:

  • Dry towel or rag
  • Alcohol
  • Nose pliers
  • Hood moldings
  • Plastic and emblem adhesive


  1. When reattaching your hold moldings, an important thing to remember is to keep both the surface of your hood and your moldings clean. Thin plastic pieces might still be found on your moldings from its previous attachment to your car. Using a rag or towel, clean the part with alcohol until free of any debris.
  2. Since your hood moldings were broken off from your hood, be sure to check if all of its fasteners are still intact. It's perfectly fine if these clips have been pried off the hood moldings itself. But make sure that they are not chipped or broken since they will serve as your hood moldings' attachment to your car's hood.
  3. Before reattaching the metal fasteners to the plastic clip found on your molding, adjust its slanted half v shaped part. This ensures a better fit with the clip holder as you slip the two parts together.
  4. Using a plastic and emblem adhesive, reinstall your hood molding in place. Gently push it in and press it down for about five minutes until it's securely in place.
  5. Let the glue dry for another five minutes and gently clean the area surrounding the hood. Now that you've installed your hood moldings, your car looks like it has never had a part flown off on the road.

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