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IAT Sensor Adaptor

We have 20,250 Items for IAT Sensor Adaptor In-stock.

It's a cold morning out there. But as much as you want to stay home, clutching your blanket and wanting to sleep, you need to get up and get ready for an important appointment. So you hurriedly make yourself up and get inside your ride. You switch on the ignition but the engine refuses to start right away. Yes, it did start but you're already late for your meeting. What a way to ruin your day! The culprit is no other than your malfunctioning IAT sensor. It is the said sensor that helps your ride's computer in regulating exhaust-gas recirculation based on the incoming air temperature. To work well, such sensor relies on other components such as the IAT sensor adaptor. Though this is one of the lesser-known components in your ride, you need to keep it in tiptop shape if you want more accurate and immediate readings. This adaptor is basically made up of a bimetallic sensing element, an aspirator, and a vacuum modulator. What makes the IAT sensor adaptor very significant is its ability to resist extreme temperatures without requiring you to remove the sensor during winter or summer. It is a good thing that you can now find the top-quality IAT sensor adaptor your ride deserves only here. Browse our catalog and see just how extensive our product selection is.