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Idling is a process a lot of car owners do. They do this when they drop by a convenience store or when they need to relieve themselves in the rest room. A lot of them also let their car idle every time they encounter the red light. And because this process is important, it's only right to ensure that the parts involved are kept in tiptop condition. Among them is the idle control valve. It is responsible for keeping the idle smooth all the time. This part, however, does not work on its own. It is connected to the engine computer. The engine computer gives feedback to the valve to ensure it maintains the appropriate RPM. Defect and failure can happen to this part, though, and the only way car owners can avoid such is by checking on the valve on a regular basis. One of the most common causes of valve damage is short circuit. This drives the part to react slowly, which in turn causes the engine to stall while idling. A defective valve needs to be replaced immediately to avoid further inconveniences. However, one of the things car owners must ensure when getting a new idle control valve is that it should be of the right size. For sure-fit, high-quality valves, shop only at Auto Part Warehouse. Our products are affordable; we even offer the best deals for our valued customers. So click on our online catalog now to help you find the perfect valve for your car.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

The Dos and Don'ts when Buying the Ideal Idle Control Valve

When you're buying an idle control valve, you must set an ideal one to narrow down your choices. After all, there are plenty of options in the market. Another thing, you can't use just any type in your car because some valve types won't really work no matter how hard you try. Set your own standard now by reading these tips.


  • Take pictures of the old idle control valve before heading to the store. Notice the shape and parts of it. Determine if you have a bullet, blade, or pin type valve. Do not forget to verify whether you have a female or male terminal. These physical features are very important because they are actual clues that can lead you to the right valve.
  • Choose idle control valves that are made of stainless steel and tungsten alloys because they are proven to be carbon resistant. They stop carbon by-products from forming and clogging the valve. You'll have higher advantage because you won't have to replace the valve often.
  • Buy an idle control valve that includes a compatible o-ring or gasket to save time and effort and to ensure the valve's efficiency.


  • Don't second guess. When it comes to size, always take the correct measurement. The idle control valve has to fit properly to the mounting point or else it won't work the way it has to. Determine the diameter of the valve to get the right size from the store so you don't have to cut or reshape when installing it.
  • Don't be scared of spending. Yes, idle control valves can be quite expensive so make it a really good investment. Besides, you can buy an aftermarket part that is less in price but not in quality. In addition to that, they are also backed by warranty. Good choice, right?
  • Don't buy a used idle control valve. The valve itself has several parts and they are quite sensitive, especially the terminals. You wouldn't have any clue at all when one of these parts is damaged. It would really be hard to trace back the records of the previous owners. Aside from that, these parts have no warranty at all.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Clean or Replaced? The Ideal Way to Keep the Idle Control Valve Working

Why fix if it ain't broken-sounds good and true, but this doesn't work all the time, especially for car owners like you. There is actually a very thin line between spending and saving when it comes to car repairs and a lot of people seem to cross that line and end up regretting. Keen eye is the key. Recognize first if the part that is causing car malfunctions needs replacement or just a simple wipe off. For instance, if the idle control valve in your Honda Civic is totally damaged, skip buying repair kits and try fixing it because you'll just end up buying a new one, which would only double the cost. Replace it right away and here's how to do it.

Difficulty level: Easy


  • Pliers
  • Socket set
  • Wrench set
  • New idle control valve with gaskets

Step 1: As a precautionary measure, always make sure that the negative cable is disconnected from the battery before working. Also, wait until for the Civic's engine to cool down. Pop the hood wide open to access the car components with ease.

Step 2: Find the idle control valve. Among Honda cars, it is always at the back of the intake manifold. The location of the intake manifold varies depending on the model. For front-wheel drive cars, it is seated at the back of the engine bay. For rear-wheel drive models, it is on the engine bay at the passenger's side.

Step 3: Detach the wiring harness that is connected to the idle control valve. Simply press the tab and tug the harness slowly to release it.

Step 4: Take the idle control valve out by removing the bolts that keep it in place. Remove the old gasket as well. Dispose these parts properly.

Step 5: Use a clean rag to wipe off dirt around the mounting area before you installing the replacement parts.

Step 6: Place the new idle control valve in the mounting area. Don't forget to put the new gasket. Make sure that the parts are properly aligned, especially the holes for the bolts.

Step 7: Attach the wiring harness again to the idle control valve, and then connect the negative cable to the battery terminal. Inspect the engine properly to see if you put everything back. Close the car's hood.

Step 8: Drive the car after the replacement and observe. Look, listen for any signs of leaks or engine problem.

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