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Idle Speed Control Actuator

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Did you know that idle speed has a big impact on the overall efficiency of your vehicle? According to experts, that factor affects the idle quality, automatic transmission, charging output, emissions, and even engine cooling. If these processes are compromised, then your car will surely perform poorly. Accurate idle speed can only be achieved if your car's Idle Speed Control Actuator is functioning properly. This part—sometimes known as idle-speed stabilizer or constant idle system—helps maintain idle speed at a preset RPM range, which helps your car achieve superior drivability and improved emission levels. Generally, there are two kinds of actuators used in vehicles depending on their engine types. These are the idle-speed-control motor and the idle-air-control bypass valve. The former is used in older vehicles with feedback carburetors, while the latter is present in vehicles with a throttle body and multiport fuel injection. Much like other automotive components, this actuator wears out after some time. The signs of a defective Idle Speed Control Actuator include stalling, low idle speed, and erratic idle. If you're not sure what to do, you can take your car to a shop and let a technician have a look. Once confirmed that replacement is needed, don't forget to shop at our site. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide array of idle speed control actuators at very affordable prices!