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Did you know that idle speed has a big impact on the overall efficiency of your vehicle? According to experts, that factor affects the idle quality, automatic transmission, charging output, emissions, and even engine cooling. If these processes are compromised, then your car will surely perform poorly. Accurate idle speed can only be achieved if your car's Idle Speed Control Actuator is functioning properly. This part—sometimes known as idle-speed stabilizer or constant idle system—helps maintain idle speed at a preset RPM range, which helps your car achieve superior drivability and improved emission levels. Generally, there are two kinds of actuators used in vehicles depending on their engine types. These are the idle-speed-control motor and the idle-air-control bypass valve. The former is used in older vehicles with feedback carburetors, while the latter is present in vehicles with a throttle body and multiport fuel injection. Much like other automotive components, this actuator wears out after some time. The signs of a defective Idle Speed Control Actuator include stalling, low idle speed, and erratic idle. If you're not sure what to do, you can take your car to a shop and let a technician have a look. Once confirmed that replacement is needed, don't forget to shop at our site. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide array of idle speed control actuators at very affordable prices!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Two Tips to Bear in Mind When Purchasing an Idle Speed Control Actuator


You may not realize how important the idle speed control actuator is until your ride starts to stall and idle roughly. The problem could become worse and cause your engine to shut down while you're turning on corners. That isn't fun at all, right?
So as soon as the actuator starts to display signs of defect, you'd better troubleshoot it right away. The common reason for the actuator's failure is carbon buildup. It causes the actuator to respond slowly to the engine's operating conditions and eventually stop working.
There are actuators that can be cleaned to remove carbon buildup and make the part operational once again. But cleaning doesn't work for all types of actuators; the only remedy for some units once they get damaged is replacement.
If you're in the market looking for a replacement idle speed control actuator, here are some pointers to remember for you to get the unit that will fit your ride and your needs:

Make sure to get a replacement that matches your stock.

To avoid compatibility and installation issues, it's wise to go for a replacement actuator that has the same specs as your stock. If you're purchasing from a brick-and-mortar auto part shop, you can take the old unit with you and simply compare it with the replacement part you're planning to purchase.
Those who are purchasing online can check their owner's manual and take note of the specs of the original idle speed control actuator. Is it bullet type, blade type, or pin type? Also take note if it has 2 or 4-prong male or female terminals, mounting holes, and other important details. Besides double checking the product's specs, also see to it that it is designed to replace your stock's part number. If your stock actuator is the type that can be cleaned, it pays to get the same type for your replacement needs.

Consider the warranty coverage.

Not all factory defects can be discovered through visual inspection. There are problems that do not come up until the product has been in use for a period of time. Your warranty will get you covered in case such problem occurs within the specified period. So make sure that the replacement you'll get has a good warranty coverage.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Clean the Idle Speed Control Actuator

Some issues with your idle speed control actuator don't always necessitate replacement. In some cases, all it takes is a little bit of cleaning to get rid of carbon build up that can cause the actuator to stick and eventually fail in regulating the vehicle's idle. Cleaning the actuator is important as it can keep you from purchasing a new one. However, not all types of actuators can be cleaned.

If your manual says that your ride's spring-loaded actuator can be maintained by cleaning, here are the steps on how to pull off the task properly:

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Shop rag
  • Screwdriver
  • 1/4-inch ratchet
  • Carburetor cleaner
  • Set of 1/4-inch sockets
  • Vehicle service manual

Step 1: Prop the hood up and disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 2: Find the electrical connector or wiring harness of the idle speed control actuator. It is usually situated on or near your throttle body. You can consult your manual to know the connector's exact location.

Step 3: Detach the electrical connector from the actuator. You can use a screwdriver, but be careful not to break the plastic tang that secures the wiring harness to the actuator. Reconnect the battery's negative cable.

Step 4: Unscrew the retaining screws or bolts that hold the actuator to the engine block.

Step 5: Hold the actuator and point it downward. Spray carburetor cleaner into its pointed end. Get a rag and wipe it clean. Make sure no amount of carburetor cleaner will get into the housing. If there are still carbon residues, spray carburetor cleaner and wipe it off again until the actuator is clean and all the carbon has been removed.

Step 6: Put the idle speed control actuator back in place and connect the electrical connector or wiring harness.

Step 7: Test the performance of the newly cleaned actuator by starting your ride and checking if it idles properly. You can also take your ride out for a drive to see if the engine won't shut off while you're turning a corner or coming to a halt, particularly with your car's a/c turned on. If the engine shuts off, then you should consider replacing your idle speed control actuator.

Cleaning the actuator won't take an hour. It's the test-driving that may take a little while since you will need to turn on corners and come to a stop for several times to gauge the actuator's performance.

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