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Igniter Heat Sink

We have 2 Items for Igniter Heat Sink In-stock.

Getting poorer spark, less efficient timing, increased emissions, and weaker combustion? Sounds like costly repair, yeah? But before you jump into conclusion that you need to replace this and that, better do a careful troubleshooting first. With such symptoms, there's a possibility that your vehicle's igniter is already defective. Before you replace the igniter, it is important to make sure that your ride's igniter heat sink is properly installed. As its name implies, this is a surface that's capable of absorbing heat to prevent the igniter from overheating or from getting damaged due to excessive heat. Also, it is wise to use a heat-sink compound between the igniter and the heat sink. If you're not familiar with such compound, it is the same as the one employed in cooling fans found in your computer's CPU. Even if the igniter heat sink isn't that popular, you can still find replacement for such component in some online stores. So if during your inspection you found out that you also need to replace it along with the igniter, don't think twice. This site is the most trusted supplier of top-quality auto and truck parts and accessories in the industry. And oh, the igniter heat sink that matches your ride's specs is offered here at prices you can afford. So place your order now!