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The ignition system is one of the toughest systems in your vehicle. Every time your car is running, the system has to deal with a great amount of voltage that is sent to the spark plugs for burning the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders. However, no matter how tough it is, it still needs some sort of protection'that's what the ignition condenser is for. This is a protective component designed to minimize burning and pitting on the points, something that can happen whenever the points open and disrupt the magnetic field forming within the coil. This generates a lot of voltage that can jump across the gap if there's no condenser present. As a result, the points would be damaged. The ignition condenser is important not only for the protection of the points in the ignition assembly but as well as in the actual ignition process. For one, a damaged condenser can cause hard starting for your ride. It can also show some signs of failure such as radio static and yellow sparking. If you observe any of these, have the condenser in your vehicle checked. A damaged ignition condenser should not be neglected if you want to avoid starting problems and other driving troubles. And if the said part has already failed, don't wait and replace it immediately. Find the right replacement here at Auto Parts Warehouse!

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How to Remove and Install an Ignition Condenser

If lately you have been experiencing trouble starting your car's engine, coupled with a heavy static in your radio, then maybe your ignition condenser is damaged. It is the protective part of your ignition system that minimizes burning and pitting on the points. You need to replace your ignition condenser, and the breaker points immediately to avoid further damage on your engine.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Warning: Wear protective equipment before working on your vehicle. You may work while the engine is running, but make sure that the area is well-ventilated, the transmission is in neutral mode, and the brake is firmly applied. Keep away from the engine fan.

Tools that you'll need:

  • Screwdriver set
  • Replacement breaker points
  • Replacement ignition condenser
  • Heat-resistant lubricant or electrical grease

Step 1: Disconnect the condenser wires and the primary lead from the breaker point assembly. Remove the assembly and the condenser from the distributor. Now, apply heat-resistant lubricant to the distributor cam.

Step 2: Set the new breaker point assembly and the new condenser in their position in the distributor. Secure them with screws, but be careful not to tighten them just yet.

Step 3: If your car runs a V8 engine, put the ground wire under the assembly screw farthest from the breaker point contacts. If your car has a 6-cylinder engine, put the wire under the condenser retaining screw.

Step 4: Now, carefully bend the bracket portion of the assembly to make sure they are parallel. Turn the engine, and notice if the rubbing block on the point assembly is on top of the distributor cam lobe, then tighten the screws.

Step 5: Reassemble the primary lead and condenser wires to the assembly. Install the metal point shield if necessary. Ensure that the rotor is secured on the shaft. Place the high-tension wire at the coil. You may now restart the engine.

Step 6: After installing your new ignition condenser, check the dwell meter reading. If the reading is beyond the acceptable range, repeat the process.

It may take you an hour to replace your ignition condenser and breaker points. But you'll save a lot of time starting your engine without hassle. You will be surprised that the ignition condenser is only a small component, but it keeps your engine in its proper state.

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