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Ignition Key Warning Switch

We have 3 Items for Ignition Key Warning Switch In-stock.

Ever experienced being locked out of your own vehicle? Perhaps you were in such a hurry to leave so you forgot to take the key out of the ignition. Having a reliable ignition key warning switch is a great way to avoid the inconvenience caused by lockouts. With this component, your vehicle will set off the alarm every time you forget to take the key out of the ignition, so you won’t have to risk getting locked out of the auto. Aside from this, a fully functional warning switch also serves as an added security measure against car theft. Leaving the key in the ignition can attract robbers, putting your vehicle at risk of being stolen. So make sure you install a warning switch for your ignition—one line of products you may want to check out comes from AC Delco. AC Delco offers a variety of switches that are made to suit most makes and models. A trusted brand, this company produces high-quality products using up-to-date manufacturing processes and rigorous quality standards. Its ignition key warning switch is a common choice among mechanics and auto experts because of its great design and value. The switch can also be installed in minutes, so you can easily do the installation on your own without paying for someone else’s services. --end--Be an expert DIYer and save on auto repair costs—start your own DIY project today! You can get high-quality replacements only here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We are the haven for DIYers, performance junkies, and auto enthusiasts who love tinkering with their automobiles. Aside from the ignition key warning switch, you can get high-class engine and drivetrain parts; suspension, steering, and brake components; and other accessories that you want for your vehicle. Auto Parts Warehouse has over 2 million items in stock, so you can quickly get your needed component here, no matter how big, small, or rare it is. With us, you can shop with ease—we ensure quick order processing services and secure payment gateways protected by VeriSign, as well as offer flexible payment options vial Bill Me Later, Google Checkout, or Paypal and free shipping on orders worth $50 or more. We also provide a high level of customer service—you can easily reach us through live chat or via phone if you have questions, comments, or anything car-related or service issue that you want to talk about. Our customer service experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.