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Your car is obsessive compulsive in some ways. One perfect example of that is the ignition module. Although not in the psychotic levels, the ignition module's OC-ness really contributes a lot in the efficient operation of its components. If you've been glaring at people who notice a lot of the wrong or improper things that you do, never do the same thing to your car. Take note and stick it on the fridge: never hate your car for being obsessive compulsive. Because when you do, it might just pass the psychosis on you out of frustration. Faulty ignition modules can mess up the whole ignition coils, sparking cylinders at the wrong time and at the wrong order. Replacing a busted ignition module might take a lot of knowledge about your ignition systems since you will have to carefully mark down the wiring diagram and terminals of your car. Still, it can be done without towing your car to the nearest mechanic. Surely, it can save you a lot of cash if you do it yourself, with professional help costing to more than a hundred including the replacement. At this point, you really just need to appreciate your car and take good care of it yourself. To do so, order for the best quality yet low priced replacement ignition module here at Auto Parts Warehouse now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Dos and Don'ts when Buying an Ignition Module

The worst thing you can experience as a car owner is a vehicle that won't start. A situation like this makes you think of so many reasons why it happened. Is there fuel left in the tank? Did the battery finally give up? These are some typical questions you can ask yourself, but have you considered checking your car's ignition module? Read this guide to know some tips before buying an ignition module, and some things you must avoid.


  • Before anything else, check your ignition module. Do this by using a digital volt ohm meter (DVOM). It will test the module if there's voltage present. If the result shows no sign, then you are sure that a replacement is really needed.
  • Determine the wiring system of your vehicle before you begin selecting an ignition module. There are ignition modules that only have two or three electrical connectors. Still, some modules have four.
  • Select an ignition module that is applicable to the number of cylinders in your car because the module controls the ignition coils on top of the cylinders. You can also search for a module that provides individual cylinder timing control.
  • Consider where you will mount your new ignition module. Not all aftermarket manufacturers indicate the location of the module whether it's driver or passenger side. This will become a problem later on with your installation.
  • Choose a trusted brand in the market that offers warranty. Some manufacturers allow product replacement at no extra cost.


  • DO NOT purchase an ignition module specified for race cars if you'll use it only for a street car. The parts on your car won't match the settings of a high-performance module, and it may cause a malfunction.
  • DO NOT buy an ignition module that still requires drilling, it will only damage your car. There are a lot of modules designed with a bolt-on mounting or easy-to-install fittings.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY Project: Replacing Your Car's Ignition Module

When your car keeps on stalling or becomes difficult to start, you usually start checking the battery, fuel levels, and spark plugs to know where the problem is coming from. It's possible that after taking a look at these parts, you'll still encounter the same issue and you'll have no clue as to why the problem won't go away. If this is the case, you might want to see if your ignition module is in good shape. When this part is damaged, there is a high possibility for you to run into the problems mentioned above.

The ignition module is an electronic switch that transfers signals to the ignition coil that makes the spark plugs fire and start your engine. Without the switch, the car doesn't start. Don't fret if you're having this kind of problem because you don't really need a mechanic to replace your car's ignition coil. This DIY project is possible once you have the right tools and a step-by-step instruction guide.

Difficulty level: Moderate

You need the following tools:

  • Car owner's manual
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Rags
  • Overhead lamp or flash light

Step 1: Disconnect the cables attached to the battery of your car.

Step 2: Remove the clamps holding the ignition module in place. You can use a flat tip screwdriver to push the clamps away. Avoid pushing the clamps hard so you don't break them.

Step 3: Detach all the wires and bolts connected to the ignition module before removing the module from its housing.

Step 4: Insert the new module and place it to the housing. Just follow the way the old module was placed there.

Step 5: Reconnect all the wires that was taken out of the ignition module. Make sure to put back all the screws and bolts in place. See to it that the wires are not twisted or bent to allow good electric flow once you rev up the engine.

Step 6: Reconnect the battery. You can now close the hood and do a drive test. If everything goes smoothly, the engine should start.

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