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Ignition Relay

We have 1,439 Items for Ignition Relay In-stock.

The relay is used in automotive applications makes or breaks the current flow in a particular circuit. In case of the vehicle's ignition system, an ignition relay is used because the ignition switch is not capable of bearing the high amperage requirements of the engine components. The said relay is controlled by a switch. A burned fuse isn't the only sign that your ignition's relay has already gone bad. When the contacts on the switch burn, or the wire in the electromagnet opens, the ignition relay will also get damaged. It's good thing that you can now easily get a replacement for this relay the moment it goes kaput. With the advent of many online stores out there, you no longer need to drive from one store to another just to find the perfect unit for your ride. The site you are in right now is one of the most reliable online auto-part shops where you can get high-quality auto and truck parts and accessories for virtually all makes and models. With our low price guarantee, the direct fit OE replacement ignition relay your ride needs can be yours without shelling out big bucks! Secure online transaction and fast shipping are guaranteed!