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Routine is instilled in all of us ever since we were able to do something, even as early as when we were just babbling. Doing routine work and trying to avoid routine work each day is routine. Amelia Earhart and soaring out of the box aside, routine is basically everything that machines have for breakfast. Well, they are machines, what can we expect? Similar to your car, routines have to be controlled by a module to keep them running precisely. One controller is the injector driver module, which basically determines the amount and timing of fuel injection in your engine system. A crazy injector driver module will of course be ignorant of your needs as a driver or might just send crazy signals to the injector solenoids and greatly ruining your car's performance. If your car does not respond to your demands in injecting more fuel to the engine, the injector driver module might be rebelling and wants its own dose of freedom as well. Certainly, your car doesn't have a room for that kind of behavior so it's better if you would replace it immediately. For the best injector driver module replacements, browse the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog now to see a large collection of auto components available in the market at the lowest prices. Order from us now!

Repair Guides

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Injector Driver Module Repair Overview

A fuel injected engine having difficulty cranking may be a sign of a bad injector driver module. This is usually caused by a weak battery that eventually damaged an underpowered module. Failure to repair this faulty part will lead to an inefficient engine and bad fuel mileage. Follow this repair overview to give you a guide on how to replace and install an injector driver module.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Car owner's manual
  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Thick cloth
  • Scan tool
  • Replacement injector driver module

Step 1: Prepare the car by turning off the engine. Disconnect the battery terminals. Let the engine sit and cool for a while before moving on. Working with a hot engine may cause injuries.

Step 2: Access the injector driver module. Refer to your car owner's manual for its specific location. To make your way to the module, it may be necessary to release the pressure in the cooling system by removing its caps or hoses. Use a thick cloth to protect yourself from hot liquid that may come from the system. Other preparations may include removing fuel rails or setting the coolant aside. This will all depend on the design of your car.

Step 3: Once the module is in sight, disconnect all wiring harnesses. Use a wrench to remove all bolts and brackets holding it in place. You should now be holding the module in its housing.

Step 4: Replacing the injector driver module may differ for every car. A simple way of doing this is to grab the new module, plug in the harnesses, and finish by bolting the unit in its mount. For other cars, the internal computer system needs to be replaced. To do this, remove the screws of the module's housing cover to expose the insides. Get the old computer chip out of the module. Swap it with a newly ordered chip. The old covers may look old, so replace it with new ones if your replacement kit includes covers too. Return the cover screws to finish.

Step 5: Reconnect the wires to the new module. Since this is an electrical job, it may be necessary to refer to a working diagram of the car and fuel injectors to ensure right installation.

Step 6: Place the new injector control module on its mount. Return all screws, bolts, and other parts removed earlier. Reconnect the battery.

Step 7: Connect a scanner tool to the system to test. Start the engine and let it idle for a while to finish the set up.

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