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Drivers who love to run at high speeds sure know how important a high-quality intake valve is. This valve, which is found in the cylinder head, opens at the right time so that fuel and air mixture can find its way into the cylinder. This valve closes at the time of compression and combustion strokes. Since fuel is sprayed into the hot valves, deposits may build up inside or on the back portion of the intake valve. This can result in increased emissions and poor engine performance. So if poor gas mileage is a big no for you, you better practice cleaning and maintaining the said valve at recommended intervals. But if the problem with this intake component is already beyond repair, you should have it replaced immediately so as not to affect the performance of other intake parts. For the finest intake valve choices, this is the best place to go. Along with our top of the line auto and truck parts and accessories are various intake valves for virtually all makes and models. Your satisfaction is our main concern, so we make sure our prices are always unbeatable! Secure online transactions anytime of the day are also guaranteed!

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Replacing Your Damaged Intake Valve

Properly working intake valves will give your engine more power and better combustion. To ensure precise air and fuel mixture, these valves need to open and close at the right time. Intake valve failure will result in poor combustion operation and reduced engine power. Replace damaged intake valves right away to prevent engine breakdown and to save yourself from high repair bills in the future.

Here are the tools you need and the steps to follow in replacing damaged intake valves:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Valve spring remover tool
  • Valve spring compressor tool
  • Small magnet

Step 1: Compress down the valve spring using a compressor tool until the retainer is almost at the same level as the top of your car's valve stem.

Step 2: Using a small magnet, remove the two retainer clips holding the valve stem in place. Next, decrease the pressure on the valve spring. Remove both the spring and the retainer.

Step 3: Reach underneath the head and pull the valve out. Be careful not to deal any damage on the valve guide or valve seal while doing this process.

Step 4: Slide the new valve through the valve guide and seal. Make sure it is thoroughly cleaned of all carbon before installation.

Step 5: Put the valve spring on the valve guide. Position and secure the retainer on the spring. Using your compressor tool, compress the spring until the valve stem tip is visible.

Step 6: Place both retaining clips back around the valve stem. Make sure the tapered end is facing down.

Step 7: Release the spring slowly. While doing this, check if the retaining clips are seated correctly around the valve stem. Make sure the clips are also secured tightly against the retainer.

Installation time depends on your DIY skill level. The process can be time-consuming, but make sure each step is carried out carefully to prevent valve looseness.

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