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How many times have we seen a cartoon character trying to pull out something that got stuck and when finally he pulled it out, the force just sends him rolling backwards? That certainly is an exaggeration of how some home mechanics are trying to pull out a gear or a bearing with bare hands, teeth tight with the tension, and farting in some occasions. Well, that can be prevented if you have the right tool used to pull out those things. The jaw grip puller is basically the most effective way in pulling gears and bearings off of a tight column. It works by tightly mounting the tri-jaws on the gear while a threaded column pushes on to take the gear off. Since it is working mostly highly tensed and is resisting much pressure, it would be best if the jaw grip puller is made from the best materials, preferably stainless steel. Capable of gripping itself securely, you can expect not to bounce backwards after the gear is pulled out. For the best jaw grip puller deserving of a spot in your garage, browse the Auto Parts Warehouse now to see our large collection of automotive tools, parts, and accessories. If you want it fast and cheap, order from us now!

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Things to Consider When Buying a Jaw Grip Puller

If you're an eager DIYer who likes working on challenging repair tasks, you most certainly have tried pulling out a gear with your bare hands at least once. And what's frustrating about that attempt is that you have proven it to be futile. There are just some things beyond your strength. That is why we now have a jaw grip puller.

This tool is designed to work in a way that the tri-jaws are mounted on the gear while a threaded column pushes on to remove the gear. No doubt, this is the most effective way for anyone to pull those gears and bearings off from a very tight column. So don't act like you're some superhuman. Get yourself a jaw grip puller.

Size matters

Determine the reach and spread of the part that you are going to pull. Once you've got these details, you will have a clear idea as to which size of jaw grip puller is perfect for the job. Most product descriptions include these details, so it will be easy for you to pick out what you need.

Made of steel

Because jaw grip pullers are used to resist so much pressure and are highly tensed, they are typically made of strong materials like steel. Most jaw pullers in the market are either made of alloy steel or chrome vanadium steel.

The difference

Alloy steel is a preferred material for jaw grip pullers because of its obvious durability. Jaw grip pullers made of alloy steel are strong enough to carry out the job of pulling gears and bearings, but they are not as sturdy as those made of vanadium steel.

Vanadium steel has excellent properties to boast of especially when it is heat treated. It has good resistance to wear and fatigue, and it can hold up to erosion and oxidation. It is proven to be tough despite its light weight.

Other things to consider

You would want your jaw grip puller to have a firm grip and to access tight spots easily without ever slipping. You would also want a puller that you could set up fast and without a fuss. In the first place, you decided to use that tool for things to be convenient for you. It will definitely defeat the purpose if the tool itself is not user-friendly. And lastly, you would want the nuts in your puller to be dug in real tight. You don't want any part of your tool to be disfigured once it makes an impact.

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