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King Pin Bolt Set

We have 362 Items for King Pin Bolt Set In-stock.

The king pin is the central pivot in your car's steering mechanism. At first, this part was plainly a steel pin on which the steerable wheel was mounted to the suspension. Being free to turn around a single axis, the king pin limited the degrees of freedom of motion of the rest of the front suspension. When its bearings were changed beginning in the 1950s with ball joints, more sophisticated suspension designs came to be. Even though they are basically outdated, king pin suspensions have the advantage of being able to bear much heavier weights. This is why this kind of suspension is still featured in some trucks. A king pin also holds together complex systems. That is why there is a king pin bolt set to ensure your vehicle's steering and suspension is in great shape. This set includes a ball joint, a tie rod end, coil springs, a sway bar link, a control arm, a sway bar bushing, an idler arm, a control arm bushing, and a shock and strut mount. The ball joint gives you dynamic wheel alignment, lesser shock, and a good pivot. The tie rod end is the dependable replacement to a weak link between the tie rods and steering knuckles. It is made to overcome any road condition and it ends your problems with tire wear. Coil springs give your truck complete coil rebound and resistance against sagging. They bring back your automobile's excellent handling by restoring height and body sway to original performance levels. Get these top quality parts in a king pin bolt set made by Moog. Moog is a brand of Federal-Mogul, a global automotive supplier based in Michigan that is one of the leading sellers of engine-parts in the United States. Equip your vehicle with a highly durable Moog king pin bolt set for better road performance.

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