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About Land Rover

The Land Rover is Preparing for the Future

An epitome of power and durability, Land Rover has endured the toughest conditions on the face of the Earth for the past 60 years. Their vehicles have undergone numerous conversions from a farm vehicle to an amphibious craft, an off-road race car to the Popemobile of ?82. Now, the British-made vehicle is still going strong with technologies to sustain Mother Nature, and efforts to help the human race.

Take a seat and journey with Land Rover's towards the future.

To stop and start the intelligent way

The Intelligent Stop/Start System is Land Rover's standard feature for Freelander 2 vehicles. It works when an idle car is turned off, and it will automatically turn on when the car is ready to accelerate. Thus, the system actually lessens emission, and reduces fuel consumption. This is part of Land Rover's ?800 million investment to improve their vehicles, and provide a cleaner environment.

The powerful way to conserve energy

Because of their commitment to conserve nature, Land Rover has released a powerful 30mpg diesel engine for the Range Rover model. The engine is a 4.4L TDV8 twin turbo capable of emitting 253g/km CO2 on a EU5 combined cycle. That is already 14% lesser than the previous 3.6L TDV8 engine. Since 2007, Land Rover has aimed to reduce CO2 emission of new models they release every year.

A focus on CO2 management

Land Rover has launched a program called CO2 Offset, which began last 2006 in UK. The program invests on 3 project types namely: renewal energy, technology change, and energy efficiency. Apart from offsetting vehicle emission, Land Rover also offsets emissions from their manufacturing plants in England. Today, ten countries already participate in this program involving the regions of Middle East and Asia.

Aside from CO2 Offsetting, Land Rover also targets 25% CO2 reduction from their manufacturing plants. In addition, the car company aims that every Land Rover vehicle will be 95% recoverable and reusable, wherein 85% is recycle and the remaining 10 can be used as an energy source.

A promising addition to the group

Evoque, the newest model to come from the Range Rover series, is the most fuel-efficient car produced by Range Rover. The materials used for the car include aluminum, magnesium, and titatium?all lightweight and carbon-efficient. Other high quality materials such as cotton, cardboard and recycled plastic are also used to the vehicle's production. Using such materials decreased energy demand by 66%, and the significant loss on the car's total weight conserved fuel and reduced CO2 emission.

Land Rover Highlights

Land Rover: From the Farmlands to the Final Frontier

One of the modern, stylish, and head-turning cars of today, the Land Rover vehicles would have come from something simple, practical, and probably unattractive, right? Well we have dug deep to see its roots, and we have uncovered a lot of things that solidified the Land Rover's foundation. Travel along and find out facts about this very historic vehicle and jump forward to the future design of this British beauty.

A series that started it all

Inspired by the Willys Jeep from the US, the Land Rover was conceptualized by Maurice Wilik in 1948 after the World War II. The main purpose of the vehicle was for agricultural use, and distinctively, it had the steering wheel in the middle, unlike the design we all know right now. The Series I of the Land Rover had a steel chassis and a body made from aluminum. The reason behind it is because of the surplus material available after the war. The surprising success of the Series I grew further until the final model of Series III had been completed. Almost 40 years after its inception, the Land Rover did had changes in its appearance, but the history and the tradition is still visible in the design.

Fast forward to the expedition

The DC100 Expedition, Land Rover's two-door sport car, is the latest off their concept program. Its appeal typically imprints modern Land Rover on it, but the power still exists from its predecessors. The materials used on it are of latest technology to achieve fuel efficiency, conserve the environment, and provide safer driving experience. It is equipped with new innovations such as the Terrain-i, a scanning device that warns a driver for obstacles off-road; the Wade Aid sonar to check the water depth, and a Land Rover Terrain Response System, which automatically optimizes the vehicle in its environment.

Land Rover Trivia

Five Entertaining Truths About Land Rover

  • The Highway Loss Data Institute in Virginia, U.S.A. recorded Land Rover's Range Rover to have the most number of theft losses in 1999.
  • Before its release, the Discovery 3 Series has been tested all over the world in extreme temperatures from -22 F to 122 F.
  • Land Rover's four-millionth car, a Discovery 3, was sent to the Born Free Foundation as a donation. The car was then used as a rescue vehicle.
  • In Japan, the Land Rover Series I from 1994 to 1996 was named as a Honda. It was because of the partnership between the two car manufacturers.
  • The Land Rover car that Pope John Paul II rode around Europe in 1992, called the "Popemobile," can now be viewed at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas.
  • Did you know that the famous car maker Land Rover started out as a bicycle company? It started as such in the 1880s, with the term "Rover" used for its bikes and tricycles. Who would've guessed that after only a few years it would quit making those vehicles and start making cars? Well, that happening could only be a sign of the foresight and genius of the people behind this popular car brand. Now, if you own a Land Rover, you better follow the same practical thinking. Keep your ride running by getting only Land Rover parts and Land Rover accessories that are high-quality and reliable. Good thing, getting such Land Rover auto parts is easy now that you're already at Auto Parts Warehouse.If you're having a hard time searching for parts and accessories for your Land Rover, it's perhaps because you could hardly recall which automobile company actually owns the brand. (Yes, some auto owners could get that much confused, what with all the mergers and buy-outs happening in the industry today.) The Land Rover was originally owned by the Rover Company of the United Kingdom back in 1948 and is now owned by Tata Motors of India. The Land Rover brand is the second-oldest four-wheel-drive car brand worldwide behind the Jeep brand. Luckily, in spite of internal corporate changes at Land Rover, you don't have to worry about where to find the best quality Land Rover parts and accessories for your vehicle. Auto Parts Warehouse has your Land Rover parts needs covered for almost all Jeep models. We have thousands of parts in stock only from trusted brands like AC Delco, Bosch, Autocraft, EBC, Scan-Tech, Centric, and more. Plus, we are open 24/7. With all that, keeping your Land Rover in optimal condition has never been this affordable and accessible. So what are you waiting for? Place that order now!