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License Plate Relocator

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License Plate Relocator Products

Whether for style or necessity, you can mount your license plate anywhere with the license plate relocator. This can be tricky, though, since you are required to place your license plates at both ends of your vehicle. However, in cases when the original position of the license plates are blocked, let's say by a bumper guard, you can always count on the license plate relocator to create a provision at a more visible portion of your car's rear and front end. It's quite clever actually, since you can also use the license plate relocator to somehow be a little bit different. If you think that the license plate below the grilles are too common-well, that's standard everywhere-you can easily mount the license plate relocator to fulfill your not so common needs. Basically, the license plate relocator is made from coated steel that varies in type and construction to allow you to mount it even at the lowest corner of your bumpers. that's a bit much though, but it can be done especially if you have the right relocator for it. Regardless of what kind of license plate relocator you need, you can find more choices here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Order now and enjoy our very affordable prices and fast deliveries!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Locating the Right License Plate Relocator

Are you the type of car owner who loves to modify his car? Well, most people can't just help but upgrade their rides in the hopes that it will be a standout from the sea of vehicles along the highway. From bumper skirts to winches or even aftermarkets that require you to get rid of the license plate, you'll do anything just to improve the aesthetics of your automobile. But, wait a minute; did you know that you can't drive around town without a license plate? What's the use of all these modifications if you can't drive around town without a license plate, right? Well, don't worry because we already know the answer to that question!

What is a license plate relocator?

A license plate relocator basically relocates your plate to a new location to allow you to modify your vehicle while keeping the license plate visible for the law enforcement officers to notice. It acts as a new frame that you can attach to your new upgrade without ruining the new look of your sleek ride.

What are the kinds of license plate relocators?

  1. Stainless steel license plate relocator: This type of relocator is ideal for those off-road drivers. Since it's made of stainless steel, it's very durable even if it gets hit by flying rocks and debris from the rough terrain.
  2. Chrome license plate relocator: If you want something highly noticeable, then getting a new license plate relocator in a chrome finish would be a good suggestion. You can even get it in different colors to match your new modifications.

What else should you consider when looking for a license plate relocator?

  • Look for a new license plate relocator that comes with a really good warranty. One with a 5-year warranty would be best especially when you can return it should it have any defects.
  • Always consider the type of use. If you regularly use your vehicle for extreme road adventures, then better purchase one in the stainless steel finish. Otherwise, if it's just for city use, you can be flexible about it and purchase the one in chrome finish instead.

With this guide, you can surely decide what type of license plate relocator you should get. Purchase one now so that you can drive downtown in your newly modified car without encountering problems with traffic enforcers. Good luck with shopping for one!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

License Plate Relocator: Hassle-Free Installation

The license plate of the vehicle serves as an ID. Think about how you're not eligible to drive without a driver's permit. Same with automobiles, they can't be driven if the license plate is not visible or if it's outdated. Because of modifications that car owners do to their rides, such as mounting on skid plates, winches, or other aftermarket parts, it requires getting rid of the license plate as well. To save you from the trouble that you might encounter with law enforcement officers, you might as well install a license plate relocator.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools required:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • 18 inch drill bit (optional)
  • Power drill (optional)
  • Socket wrench (optional)
  • Ratchet wrench (optional)

Step 1: Take out the screws from the license plate using a Phillips screwdriver. Put the screws and plate aside.

Step 2: Find the retaining screws or rivets for the factory-installed license plate holder. Take out the screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the rivets by drilling out the center of the rivet using a power drill that has a 1/8 inch drill bit installed. Take out the license plate holder.

Step 3: Arrange the mounting holes on the license plate relocator with the mounting holes of the stock license holder. Affix the relocator to the automobile using the bolts and nuts provided and tighten them up using an adjustable wrench.

Step 4: Put the license plate onto the relocator and arrange the mounting holes. Place the plate to the relocator with the original retaining screws tightened using a Phillips screwdriver. And voila! You're done.

With this guide, you can now modify your car with aftermarket parts without having to get rid of the license plate. Just install a relocator and you can drive smoothly on the highway without being hailed by a traffic enforcer. Good luck!

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