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Just how many lights do you have in your car? Well, there's your headlight, tail light, and many other auxiliary lighting parts in and out of your ride. In all of these lights, you need a top-quality light bulb. The bulb is actually the heart of each lighting component. It's the part that generates the beams, which provide illumination as you drive. The efficiency of all lighting components depend on the bulb, and there are already a lot of bulb innovations available in the market today-foremost of which are the halogen and xenon technologies. The halogen bulb is a step up of the average light bulb. It produces stronger beams and it has a longer life span. Meanwhile, the xenon bulb brings lighting technology a degree higher with its like-daylight beams. And, it's also a greener alternative since it consumes less energy. When paired with high-quality lenses and reflectors, the right bulb can be instrumental in keeping all your drives safe, no matter how critical your driving environment is. And here at Auto Parts Warehouse, you'll find a complete light bulb selection from the leading names in the industry-GE Lighting, Hella, Spyder, and other manufacturers. Just click on our catalog to find the bulb that will work with your vehicle best.

Buying Guides

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How to Choose a Car Light Bulb

Lights: where would we be without them? Our motor vehicle lights help provide us with added safety while driving. First of all, they help us see other vehicles even under harsh weather conditions. And secondly, they help us communicate with our fellow drivers through the use of turn signal, hazard, and brake lights. Given the importance of such components, you'll want to ensure that they're working at all times. This entails providing them with working light bulbs. Unfortunately, the bulbs of your ride will eventually wear out. The good news is you can easily have these bulbs replaced. But before you go buying the first bulb you see, here's a brief buyers guide to help you make a smart purchase.

Light Bulb Types

Incandescent Lights

This is the oldest type of bulb and it features a tungsten filament that can last until 1,000 hours. The incandescent bulb is very affordable but its main flaw is its durability. Apparently, this bulb has trouble withstanding harsh weather conditions.


The bulb is actually a type of incandescent lighting. The only difference is that it provides a metal background that directs the light in specified direction, making it a more effective lighting system.


HID stands for High Intensity Discharge lighting, and it offers a number of advantages over incandescent lights. This light is much brighter than halogen lighting, and it also lasts longer. Also known as xenon lighting, HIDs require less -frequent replacement thanks to its durability.


Light Emitting Diodes provide extremely luminous and very long-lasting lighting. LED lights appear to be the default bulbs of many automakers. However, HIDs still beat out LEDs thank to its efficiency.

Things to consider

  • Bulb type- Durability and bulb longevity are your top considerations when shopping for a bulb. So buy one that guarantees both.
  • Bulb placement- If you need a bulb for your headlights, then don't buy a bulb made for the brake lights.
  • Compatibility- Some bulbs are designed for certain auto makes and models. Make sure that the one you're getting matches your ride.

Repair Guides

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Quick Steps to Replacing your Light Bulb

How many drivers does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, really. Replacing your busted light bulb is one of the easiest DIY jobs you'll encounter. So much so that you'll be able to do so in very little time and with even less effort. So if you want to restore the functionality of your lights, then here are a few easy steps to do so.

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Protective Gloves
  • Good lighting/ Flashlight
  • Replacement Bulb
  • Rag

Step 1: Safety first, guys. Before starting, put on some safety gloves and glasses to ensure that you're safe throughout your DIY job.

Step 2: We recommend you do this in the day time for proper lighting. But if you have no choice but to do this at night, then be sure you have a flashlight to help you out.

Step 3: Locate the bulb you need to replace.

Step 4: Depending If the bulb you're replacing is in the front of your ride, then open up your hood. If the bulb is in the rear, then open up your truck. This will give you proper access to the bulb you wish to change out.

Step 5: Remove the wiring harness. You'll have to remove the plastic catch, metal clip, and screw cap in the process.

Step 6: Locate the light bulb, which may be behind a rubber seal.

Step 7: Remove the old light bulb.

Step 8: Wipe off the new bulb with a rag to remove any dust or other particles..

Step 9: Plug in the new light bulb.

Step 10: Reconnect the wiring harness and all other components.

Step 11: Close the hood/ trunk and test your lights if they're working properly.

Step 12: If your lights turn on when you activate them , then good job. Your DIY fix is finished!

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