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Liquid Tank Products

Ever experienced running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere? If you have, you'd surely agree that a liquid tank comes handy in times like these. This tank is a storage unit that can hold various types of fluids needed by the systems of your automobile. Designed to make it easy to transport liquids, most liquid tanks are made of gauge steel and are covered with a tough coating so it can easily resist corrosion and handle harsh substances such as brake fluid, fuel, engine oil, and more. These are also usually sold with drainage plugs, couplers, and other units to make it easier to drain and refill the unit that needs the fluid. Every tank also comes with a unique layout and set of features; one type of liquid tank works with crossover toolboxes to make it easier to organize the tools and fluids needed for the auto, while another type simply functions as a unit and features a sleek design so it would easily fit small compartments. When purchasing one for your auto, it is practical to choose a tank that can fit your car and at the same time, offers enough features to allow you to store the fluids and tools you need. You also have to check if it is made of high-quality materials to avoid unwanted leaks. In case you're looking for an affordable yet durable liquid tank, be sure to check out Auto Parts Warehouse's inventory. Auto Parts Warehouse has a full selection of items that will definitely suit your needs. Ranging from engine and drivetrain units; brakes, steering, and suspension components; and interior and exterior accessories, our inventory is comprised by the leading brands in the industry. What makes the deal even sweeter is that these OE replacements come with a low price guarantee, ensuring that customers get the most out of their money. We also offer more discounts to clients who sign up for our exclusive mailing list and free shipping for orders worth $50 or more. So stop looking elsewhere, get your needed components right here, right now! With budget-friendly prices, top-quality parts, fast order processing, reliable payment options, and international shipping services, indeed, Auto Parts Warehouse is a great place to shop in. Order your needed liquid tank today! If you encounter any issue while completing your transaction online, call our toll-free hotline so our customer service reps can help you out.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Dos and Don'ts in Buying a Liquid Tank

Did you notice a pool forming underneath your vehicle? Are there leaks coming out of the tank? Is your engine performance demoting? Then you might want to check on your liquid tank. You can always repair the tank if there are pinholes where fuel could pass. However, tanks can also get broken in due time. If you're considering buying a new one and don't know what to do, then read on because here are the dos and don'ts to consider when buying a liquid tank.


  • Determine the size of your liquid tank. If you know the measurements of your old one, then you'll know what size to buy.
  • Different makes and models have different liquid tanks, so make sure that you find the one that fits perfectly in your model.
  • Buy one from an established manufacturer, this way you won't have to experience the same troubles with your old one.
  • Although it's inevitable for liquid tanks to damage in the long run, look for one that would service you longer than your previous one.
  • Make sure that the new one that you're going to buy is made of really fine material and one that won't get holes easily.
  • Explore the Internet. Though it's great to actually go inside an actual store so that you can see the new part yourself, there are also a lot on online automotive business that sell top-grade liquid tanks.
  • Read reviews online to be able to know the best-selling brands in the market. It's good to read opinions of DIY experts so that you'll have an inkling as to what to find in a good liquid tank.


  • Don't buy the first liquid tank you see because there might be other brands out there that sell it for a cheaper price and could probably be much more durable than the one you purchased at an impulse.
  • Don't think about rummaging through scrap parts in your local salvage yards. You may be able to save up by purchasing a secondhand component, but you'll never know that this just might be a recipe for disaster.
  • Don't settle for a low-quality liquid tank only to end up jeopardizing your ride. Instead, invest from a good and reputable brand.

Now that you've gone over the dos and don'ts to consider when buying a new liquid tank, you now have an idea on what to look for and where to go. Remember, these are just some tips to help you out. Don't limit yourself and feel free to explore. Good luck!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Tinker the Liquid Tank

The liquid tank is where fuel is stored in the car. If you notice any puddles underneath the car, then there must be a hole in the tank. A leaking one does not only waste fuel inside it, it can also cause complications in the engine. The best thing to do is to repair it at once. Here's a step-by-step process on how to fix the hole in your liquid tank.

Difficulty level: easy

What you'll need:

  1. Masking or duct tape
  2. Acetone or lacquer thinner
  3. Container for contaminated liquid
  4. Plastic container for mixing sealer
  5. Putty
  6. Plastic wrap
  7. Epoxy sealer
  8. Knife
  9. Rubber band

Step 1: Take the tank and drain any remaining fuel inside. Add one part lacquer thinner or acetone into the liquid tank to remove any leftover fuel.

Step 2: Using your hand, rotate the liquid tank a few times to cover the sides properly. Be sure that the liquid tank is empty.

Step 3: Remove any leftover rust by adding some drywall screws and shaking the tank for a couple of minutes. Add another one part of lacquer thinner or acetone. Before it gets dry, rinse the tank.

Step 4: Take the masking or duct tape and apply it to the holes or porous areas to prevent sealers from leaking. Meanwhile, use putty to seal the outlet ports.

Step 5: Mix two parts of the sealer for at least two minutes before pouring it inside the liquid tank.

Step 6: Use a rubber band and plastic wrap to seal the filler hole. Rotate the tank for a few minutes to allow the sealer to coat the insides. Next, remove the plastic wrap and drain any remaining sealer.

Step 7: Use a knife to scrape off any excess and allow the liquid tank to cure overnight.

Following these easy steps is a surefire way to repair the holes in your liquid tank. All you need are the tools and time and you'll be able to finish your job as soon as possible!

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