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Customizing your car? Don't choose between enhanced looks and improved performance. Get the best of both worlds with a quality Lowering Kit. We all know how attention-grabbing custom-lowered cars are. Lowered rides have a racecar look that turns heads and makes other drivers wish their cars were just as cool. But aside from increasing a vehicle's cool factor by tenfold, decreasing your ride's ground clearance can also be beneficial when it comes to your car's overall performance. You see, by lowering the gravity center of your vehicle, you're also enhancing its driving precision. This means that your car has a quicker response when it comes to your handling and steering. It increases the maneuverability of your vehicle, thereby eliminating body roll while boosting your cornering speed and turn-in response. What's amazing about this product is that some of its variants can also aid your suspension in reducing roughness and vibration. Combine all of these benefits and what you get is a ride that looks great and performs spectacularly. So what exactly can you expect to find in a Lowering Kit? Well, standard kits feature replacement springs and other suspension components. These kits can offer a rear, front, or front and rear drop of up to four inches. Some kits also come with all the mounting hardware you need to lower your ride. The key to finding the right type of kit for your vehicle is knowing what works for your car. Get to know your options by heading to the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog now.Customizing

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Getting the Right Lowering Kit for Your Car

One surefire way you give your car better handling and an attention-grabbing, racecar look is by getting lowering springs. Just by lowering your car's center of gravity, you will experience improved driving precision as well as much lower risk of vehicle sway or body roll.

A lowering kit saves you both time and money by providing you all the right parts you will need to lower your ride. By giving you one package with all the components that directly fit into the particular model of your car, you won't have to split hairs looking for every little, specific component. While lowering kits vary, you can usually expect to get some or all of the following:

  • Coil and/or leaf springs
  • Stabilizing bars or brackets
  • Control arms
  • Shock absorbers
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty period

Considerations to make before getting a lowering kit:

  • Modifying your vehicle's suspension may void your vehicle's warranty. You may want to contact your dealership before proceeding with any modifications.
  • Lowered vehicles are not ideal for driving in rough roads or on snow. Although lowered suspension gives you better car control, it also gives you a stiffer ride, thus compromising some comfort. Make sure the modification suits your driving needs as well as your environment.

Now here are some things to consider in getting a lowering kit for your car:

  • Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, lowering kits contain components that directly fit specific vehicle models. Make sure the lowering kit you purchase is tailored to your car's specific year, make, and model.
  • Sway bars: We recommend getting a lowering kit that includes replacement sway bars. By reducing vehicle sway, they prevent stress that may eventually damage your car.
  • Performance-oriented springs: If you prioritize better handling for intense driving applications, performance-oriented springs are the way to go. However, they sacrifice a lot in terms of riding comfort. If you're a casual driver who just wants the lowered look, you can get normal lowering springs that lower your vehicle without taking away too much when it comes to ride comfort.
  • Shock absorbers: We recommend lowering kits that come with heavy-duty shock absorbers. Your regular shock absorbers won't be calibrated for your new springs, which will be lower and stiffer.
  • Ground clearance: Make sure you have a good idea of how much ground clearance you'll have with your lowering kit. If your car is too low, you may not be able to drive safely on the street-especially one with speed bumps.

Repair Guides

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Fitting Lowering Springs to Your Car

If you want give your car better maneuverability while giving it an exciting, racecar look, lowering your car's suspension is definitely the way to go. By lowering your vehicle's center of gravity, you will experience better driving precision and much lower risk of body roll. A lowering kit will save you both time and money by giving you the right parts for your vehicle and making the process an interesting project you can manage yourself with the right tools and knowhow.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Here's what you'll need:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Lug wrench
  • Wrench and socket set
  • Pickle fork tool
  • Lowering springs kit
  • Work gloves and other personal protective equipment
  • Vehicle owner manual

Safety Tips:

  • Make sure your vehicle is on a level surface - it might roll or lean when jacked up.
  • Never rely on just the floor jack to hold up your vehicle. Be sure your jack stands are properly placed.
  • We recommend working after your vehicle's engine has cooled down.
  • This is a general guide. Refer to your owner's manual for any specifications.
  • Place your vehicle in "Park" or "Neutral" before you begi.

Here's what you should do:

  1. Loosen the lug nuts on your wheels (without removing them).
  2. Use the floor jack to raise your vehicle. Set up the jack stands.
  3. Fully remove the lug nuts and the wheels of your vehicle.
  4. Using your pickle fork tool, remove the control arm and the ball joint from the strut.
  5. Pull out the strut tower from under your vehicle. You should find the suspension spring attached to the strut tower.
  6. Slowly slide your old spring off of the strut tower. Take care not to damage the strut tower while doing this.
  7. Install your new lowering spring onto the strut tower. You should hear a clicking noise, which tells you that the spring has been securely fastened.
  8. Put everything back together in the reverse order of disassembly.
  9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 for the other wheels.
  10. Lift your vehicle a bit higher using the floor jack so you can remove the jack stands before lowering your car to the ground.

The whole process should take a little over an hour for an experienced DIYer. Refer to your vehicle's owner manual for specifications that may require you to deviate from these general instructions.

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