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Lug Bolt

We have 16 Items for Lug Bolt In-stock.

The studs the wheel is mounted on are called lug bolts. Commonly, each wheel comes with four or five lug bolts and if one of them got stripped or broken, you should have it replaced or else, your driving safety will be compromised. Lug bolts come in different types and sizes so if you need one for your wheels, you better find out first the specifications of your stock. While lug bolt removal and installation can be challenging, you can do it yourself using simple tools and yes, some hard work. Among the components you will need are lug wrench, jack, jack stand, heavy hammer, and flat washers. Of course, it pays if you have your manual or any other material that can provide you with detailed instructions on how to remove a damage lug bolt and how to install a new one. Finding a replacement unit won't be a problem. The site you are in right now carries a wide range of auto and truck parts and accessories, including an extensive selection of lug bolts for various makes and models. Purchasing your needed lug bolt from us doesn't mean shelling out big bucks. that's because we have a low price guarantee for all our products. Low shipping cost for various delivery options is also guaranteed.

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When to Know if a Lug Bolt is Right for You

Have you ever wondered how the wheel and axle always ends up together? It's all because of the lug bolt's wonders. The lug bolt is a cone-shaped rod that holds the wheel tightly to its axle. Without the lug bolt, the wheel-axle affair will not even be possible ? its job is to keep the two wheel parts together by providing a strong bond that's hard to break.

Why do you need a lug bolt?

The lug bolt plays an important task in keeping your wheels aligned. Faulty lug bolt bonds will send your wheels rolling off on their own accord. Without lug bolts holding the wheel and axle together, even the slightest pressure on the wheel can lead to misalignment and can even lead to road accidents. Every car needs a functional and reliable lug bolt ? a lug bolt that will stand the test of time.

What to expect from a lug bolt?

  • Provides good wheel handling ? wheel patterns vary depending on the car make and model. Majority of cars have a four or five lug bolt pattern which is evenly distributed to the axle in order to achieve a stable link.
  • Made of sturdy materials ? a lug bolt needs to be strong as it must endure the constant pressure of everyday driving. When choosing which lug bolt replacement to buy, make sure that it's made of stainless steel or strong metal alloys. If you're more interested in customizing the car's look, we suggest you look into stylish chrome bolts.
  • Perfect fit ? when choosing the right lug bolt for your car, make sure to look for a perfect fit. There are three types of lug bolts namely the conical/tapered, ball/radius, and flat lug bolts. Choose which one fits your car wheels perfectly to avoid misalignment or wheel dislocations.

When to replace a lug bolt?

Always check your wheel alignment and immediately replace lug bolts whose lug nuts are out of place. Replace rusted lug bolts as well to avoid nuts from falling out while driving. Normally, lug bolts should be replaced whenever you try to change your tires as you'll need to "break" them in order to remove flat tires.