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The mainshaft in your vehicle handles a great amount of forces every time your car runs, delivering torque from the transmission to the driveshaft in order to propel your wheels. Despite the great amount of forces that the shaft handles, this part is fairly tough. It can do its job well without fail—that is, as long as the mainshaft bearing remains in good shape. Isn’t it annoying that a simple bearing problem can cause a larger auto part to fail? This is true not only with the mainshaft but also with many other vehicle components that work with a bearing. And the catch is, you need to address the problem at once or your entire tranny might fail. The good thing about this is that a bearing problem is easy to determine because it is almost always accompanied by an unusual noise. When you hear this noise, be sure to check the part immediately and then replace it when it is damaged. The difficulty rating of the replacement task is average. It would require that the transmission be removed, and you will need to use some force to tap the mainshaft bearing out. When installing a new bearing, be sure to carefully mount it in place without using too much force. Otherwise, this may damage the said component. Some drivers advise heating the bearing block (a hair dryer might do the trick) in order to make it expand and make the bearing installation easier. --end--And when it comes to a new replacement bearing, be sure you get one of good and reliable quality. Try Auto Parts Warehouse! We have complete bearings for different automotive parts and assemblies, and we also have supporting components like gaskets, o-rings, brackets, and many other hardware. All these parts are available in our user-friendly catalog, and finding them is easy. We have a part finder feature in our site to help you get matching results in just one search, so shopping is fun! And, even if you’re outside US, you can still shop here because we have now partnered with Bongo to offer international shipping. So, no matter where you are, you won’t have problems getting a new mainshaft bearing from Auto Parts Warehouse. If you need help shopping, you can call our toll-free hotline or use our Live Chat feature to get in touch with our customer service associates for assistance. Shop only here and keep your ride running well at all times.

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