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Mass Air Flow Sensor Gasket

We have 7 Items for Mass Air Flow Sensor Gasket In-stock.

Has your car lost its touch recently, lacking power or sometimes having too much of it and blows volcanic smoke? It isn't really the engine that is the main culprit for this. Most of the time, the Electronic Control Module itself has gone amok, ruining all of your cars processes. But since after tracing other ECM controlled devices and found they are working well except for the mass air flow sensor, your problem might not be that big after all. Basically, the main cause isn't a faulty sensor itself. In many occasions, the problem lies in a dismounted sensor caused by a faulty mass air flow sensor gasket. See, the sensor itself is connected to the air outlet, which makes air flow terrible in any case the gasket is damaged. With the sensor detached, it cannot make accurate readings on the changes in air density going to your engine, resulting to problematic mixtures that your car cannot easily correct by itself. Replacing a damaged mass air flow sensor gasket isn't really hard, since working on it is similar to replacing kitchen sink tubes. The MAF sensor is usually in between the air cleaner cover and the air cleaner outlet, so it really won't cause you much trouble. To make sure that your air passages are safe for a very long time, get your new mass air flow sensor gasket here at Auto Parts Warehouse!