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If you're a hard off-roader, chances are you enjoy all the ruggedness of the terrains that you traverse and the vibrations created by these terrains. However, your engine and transmission may not take the effects positively. That's why you need to secure them not only with a mount but as well as with a motor and transmission mount bracket. Vibrations are damaging to the parts in your vehicle, more so to the engine and the transmission. They can cause parts to get dislodged from their mounting location and to get damaged, and even to damage other neighboring components. To protect the engine and transmission, they're held by their mounts. And, the mounts need a reliable motor and transmission mount bracket in keeping the parts secure. The bracket guarantees that the motor and transmission will remain firm no matter how great the amount of vibrations your ride encounters while you drive. Just be sure that you inspect the said part every now and then to see whether it's already damaged. Also, pay attention to such things as unwanted noise that may indicate a damaged bracket and your auto parts banging on other components. If you need a new motor and transmission mount bracket, trust us here at Auto Parts Warehouse to help you. Shop for all your needs only here.

Buying Guides

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Choosing a Motor and Transmission Mount Bracket

A faulty motor and transmission mount bracket endangers your transmission assembly; as it will completely give up over time, causing your motor to fall off. The common warning signs that indicate you are in need of a replacement are when you hear a loud, echoing drone when you speed up; or when you start to feel a shake that becomes more severe with acceleration. Good thing is that aftermarket brackets are available for purchase, the only thing you need is the info on how to choose the right one for your vehicle. To narrow-down your choices, a list of things to consider is written below.


Where can you see the most obvious sign of damage? Do you need to replace the bracket on the driver side or the passenger side? Do you need it for the front or the rear end of your car? Is the damage coming from the upper or lower part of the bracket? Before purchasing a motor and transmission mount bracket, bear in mind that different brackets are manufactured for different needs. There is no such thing as a universal-fit for mount brackets.


The most common material used in manufacturing a mount bracket is cast iron. Its reliability to maintain its shape despite the pressure and stress it undergoes is satisfactory. However, it is not as corrosion-resistant compared to its competitors; the magnesium type, and the aluminum type.

The magnesium mount bracket is less prone to rust and stain compared to cast iron, it also comes for a lot lesser price. But if you are a frequent off-roader, the magnesium body type is not advisable for you. Its composition is more prone to deformation, thus, making off-road driving a dangerous activity.

If you are willing to splurge for a motor and transmission mount bracket, go for the aluminum body type. It is rust-proof and its capacity to withstand stress is superior. This one will outlive the cast iron and the magnesium bracket, but it will also break the bank.

Repair Guides

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Repairing a Bad Motor and Transmission Mount Bracket

Are you experiencing a severe rattle when accelerating? Or perhaps, you are hearing deep echoes throughout the vehicle when speeding up? If yes, then it's time to check under your hood, because most probably, your motor and transmission mount bracket is damaged. You need to troubleshoot the problem immediately, because your transmission is in danger of being dislodged from your car. If this happens, you will have to spend thousands of dollars in repair, and you will have to sacrifice several weeks of going to work without your car. The self-help repair is not very hard, but it is time consuming. Below is a detailed list to guide you with the process.

Things you need

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • 6x6 Block of wood
  • Ratchet
  • Socket set

Difficulty level: Moderate

Step 1: Jack up the front end of your vehicle. Place the jack stands underneath and remove the jack.

Step 2: Locate the transmission mount. Its position will vary per vehicle, but it can be detected easily by locating a metal frame with rubber in the center.

Step 3: Place the 6x6 block of wood on the jack's lifting surface and position the jack under the transmission. Raise the jack until the wood reaches the transmission and the weight is off the mount.

Step 4: Pull the damaged bracket from the vehicle by removing the bolts that secures it.

Step 5: Secure the new mount bracket in the vehicle by tightening the bolts with a ratchet and socket.

Step 6: Slowly lower the transmission, aligning the holes of the brackets and the mount's rubber insert.

Step 7: Remove the jack under the transmission. Lift the vehicle off the jack stands by using the same floor jack, then lower the vehicle to the ground.


  • A floor jack may fail, and you might end up in an accident while doing the repair. Securing your car with jack stands is always the wisest option.
  • Eye-protection is always a must when working underneath your car.

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