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Got a rusted muffler clamp in your exhaust system? You may not consider it a huge problem at the moment, but that can cause serious trouble when the parts that the clamp connects start to become disjointed and a leak begins to occur. A clamp is a small component that holds parts together and maintains a strong connection and sealing between the connected parts. Although its function may sound simple, the condition of the exhaust system greatly depends on the said part. A simple clamp damage could be all it takes for problems to begin occurring in the exhaust assembly. This said, it's important to keep the muffler clamp in great shape. Monitor the condition of the said part and look out for signs of damage such as rusting. And when the time comes to replace your vehicle's muffler clamp, choose a replacement that will stand the test of time. Pick a muffler clamp that's made from durable materials, one that is capable of enduring the heat that the exhaust system has to handle regularly. Some clamps can expand and contract with the parts that it holds-these are better as they remain efficient for a longer period of time. And, you can find these anytime here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

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Choosing the Right Muffler Clamp

A muffler clamp attaches your vehicle's muffler to the exhaust pipe, and seals the connection between the two parts. A rusting muffler clamp may cause your exhaust system to leak, or totally fall off over time. Hence, it is important to replace a muffler clamp that is already showing signs of age. Below is a reference to help you when purchasing one:


To hold the exhaust pipe in place, it is necessary for the muffler clamp to be the right size. You can buy a clamp with the same size as your exhaust pipe, but a good safety measure is to go for a size one-step larger than your car's pipe. Is your vehicle's pipe two inches in diameter? You can opt for a 2.5-inch muffler clamp to be sure.


There is no required material when choosing a muffler clamp, this is mostly just a matter of taste. Most of the clamps that are available on the market these days are stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized iron. Whatever kind of material you would go for is okay since it won't have any bearing on your car's driving performance. As to their longevity; stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized iron are of roughly the same lifetimes. However, galvanized iron can be plated with yellow or white zinc on the surface, so it's a plus if you are looking for something more aesthetically unique.

Individual or kit

Some muffler clamps are sold individually because they are specifically manufactured for a certain vehicle. Others-mostly adjustable clamps-are sold in kits. It is important to check what kind of muffler clamp is most suitable for your vehicle, most especially when you are buying individually because muffler clamps are categorized based on fit location. Choices include: rear band, front band, lower-clip and upper-clip. If you have money to spare, the best option is to go for kits; even if you are only planning to replace the lower-clip, you can keep the rest of the components for later use.

Repair Guides

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Installing a Muffler Clamp in Three Steps

A muffler clamp is a no-hassle kind of component. It does not wear-out frequently or quickly because it does not move around a lot. Its function mainly revolves around supporting your car's exhaust pipe so you won't drag it when you drive, hence, damaging your exhaust system. Another charm of the muffler clamp is that it is very easy to install, you won't need to bring your car to a mechanic because you can do it by yourself. Here's how:

Tools you need:

  • Car jack and stands
  • Socket wrench

Difficulty level: Easy

Step 1: Lift your car and locate the position of the muffler clamp that needs replacing.

Step 2: Remove the old muffler clamp using the socket wrench and slip the U-shaped rod of your new clamp over the top of the exhaust pipe.

Step 3: Install the bottom plate of the new clamp by bolting the two holes of the threaded rod with the plate.


  • It is very obvious that installing a muffler clamp on your own will save you money. Taking it to a local shop will cost you more than $50, doing it yourself won't cost more than $10.
  • Never try to do replacement jobs underneath your car with only a jack to support its weight. Make it a habit to always secure your lifted vehicle with jack stands.
  • It is best to remove your tires when working under your car, because it gives you more space to move around, and more light to work with.
  • Always wear protective gear for your eyes.

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