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Nerf bars are popular vehicle additions because of their dual benefits. They will not only enhance your safety during vehicle entry and exit but will also improve the rugged looks of your ride. But, for you to get both benefits, be sure that you pair your new nerf bar set with the right nerf bar mounting kit. This kit is a complete collection of hardware needed to secure the nerf bars in place. Although you might consider them only secondary in importance, the efficiency and looks of the nerf bars actually depend on the hardware contained in the nerf bar mounting kit. With failing hardware, you'll still encounter problems even if the nerf bars are in great shape. The bar might get unstable after a while, and this can be dangerous when people get in and out of your vehicle and the bar becomes suddenly dislodged from its place. Besides, who want to look at a shiny nerf bar hanging from the lower side of your vehicle because its mounting hardware has failed? No one, right? So, be sure that you pay attention not only to the nerf bar alone but as well as to the nerf bar mounting kit that you use. And for a good kit, shop here!

Buying Guides

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Mountin' Do's: Tips for Buying a Nerf Bar Mounting Kit

If you have decided to get nerf bars for your vehicle, then you have definitely made a great choice towards adding both style and convenience to your ride. Nerf bars provide a convenient step that makes it easier (not to mention safer) to get in and out of your vehicle. They also give your vehicle a charming, rugged look. You can follow that great decision with another one by getting a quality nerf bar mounting kit. Those nerf bars won't do you much good if they don't stay attached to your vehicle or cause inconvenience by scraping against the pavement as you drive. You especially don't want your nerf bars suddenly falling off when you step on them. A mounting kit will give you all the components you need to ensure that your nerf bars are properly and securely installed.

DO familiarize yourself with the types of nerf bars

You will find that nerf bar mounting kits are often designed for specific types of nerf bars. While nerf bars come in many different sizes and styles, they come in three general shapes:

  • Round - These have a diameter of 3 to 4 inches
  • Oval - With a diameter ranging from 4 to 6 inches, these allows for bigger step pads.
  • Hooped style - These have U-shaped steps that jut out below the bars

And in three different types or lengths:

  • Cab-length nerf bars - The most common type, these run the length of your vehicle's seating rows and provide a step pad below each door.
  • Wheel-to-wheel nerf bars - As the name implies, these span the entire length between your front and rear wheels. These are ideal for trucks because they also have a third step near the rear wheel which would make it easier to get to the truck bed.
  • Sport tubes - These are much smaller in diameter are purely ornamental. They don't have step pads since they aren't designed to support any weight.

DO consider the following:

  • Direct fit or generic mounting kits - Direct fit mounting kits are designed for a specific type of vehicle and a specific type of nerf bar. This makes installation very easy. Generic mounting kits, however, can be used on a wider variety of vehicle and nerf bar types and are cheaper. However, they are harder to install and may not look as good on your vehicle.
  • Durable mounting brackets - Since these will be positioned under your vehicle, the mounting brackets will constantly be assaulted by road debris. We recommend high-quality mounting brackets made of non-corrosive material like stainless or powder-coated steel.
  • Checking your vehicle owner manual - The manual can tell you the ideal mounting position for your vehicle as well as all the necessary components for nerf board installation. By reviewing it, you can check if the mounting kit you're getting really has all the parts you need.

Repair Guides

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Stepping Up: Installing Nerf Bars on Your Vehicle

Easily one of the best ways to add both convenience and style to your vehicle is by mounting nerf bars onto it. They give you and your passengers a convenient step for entering and exiting your vehicle. They also give your vehicle added protection and an attractively rugged look. Installing them yourself is easy enough with the right tools and basic mechanical know-how.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Here's what you'll need:

  • 9/16-inch socket ratchet
  • 5/8-inch wrench
  • Nerf bar mounting kit
  • Vehicle owner manual

And here are the steps:

  1. Unpack your nerf bar mounting kit. Check the instruction manual and see if you have all the components you'll need for installation (the kit should come with all the necessary connecting bolts and brackets). Lay them out orderly for easy access.
  2. The front mounting brackets are marked "L" for the left side of your vehicle, and "R" for the right side. Take one of them, a J-Bolt, two bolts, two flat washers, and two lock washers.
  3. Most vehicles have pre-drilled mounting holes. Find the lowest hole on the frame closest to the front tire, place the front bracket over it, and loosely bolt it in place.
  4. This time, take the rear mounting bracket for the same side you started on. Also take two bolts, two nuts, two lock washers, and four flat washers. Place the rear bracket over the hole closest to the rear tire and loosely bolt it in place. Make sure it is aligned with the front bracket.
  5. Take the appropriate nerf bar (left or right, depending on the side where you placed the brackets) and align it with the front and rear mounting brackets. Use a bolt, a lock washer, and a flat washer to loosely attach each end of the nerf bar to its bracket.
  6. Step back and check if everything is properly positioned and aligned. Once you are satisfied, tighten all the bolts on both ends of the nerf bar as well as on both the front and rear brackets.
  7. Repeat the procedure for the other side of your vehicle.

Be carefully not to over-tighten the bolts as this may damage both the bolts and components you are connecting. Refer to your vehicle owner manual and the nerf bar mounting kit manual for specifications that may require you to deviate from these general instructions.

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