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An o-ring is a doughnut shaped seal or gasket. It is made or molded from either rubber or plastic materials. It is usually integrated in a rectangular groove machined into the mechanism or contraption to be sealed. The o-ring sealing system is usually chosen as the first option for fluid closure due to its remarkable benefits such as: simplicity, ruggedness, affordability, flexibility, ease of installation, ease of maintenance, no adjustment required, no critical torque in clamping, low distortion of structure, space saver, highly reliable, and extremely effective for used on various pressure and temperature ranges. O-rings are highly flexible in fact it is used as gasket for static application and as packing for dynamic applications. When you say static applications it include fluids, pressure, temperature and geometry permit. Due to the function that O-rings performed they tend to easily wear and get damaged leading to leaks. When this happened you need to replace the o-ring as soon as possible before the leaks worsen. When purchasing o-rings, it important that you get only the exact size and type to ensure maximum sealing protection. Check out Auto Parts Warehouse's catalog for top-of-the-line o-rings brands. Also consult your vehicle's manual to be guided on what to purchase or better yet call our 24/7 technical support for assistance. So what are you waiting for? Place your orders with us today.

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