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Oil Filter Bypass Valve

We have 3 Items for Oil Filter Bypass Valve In-stock.

The oil filter is not a perfect component. For one, it can clog up after a while and restrict the amount of oil going to your engine. When this happens, the engine will be starved with oil and damage will occur. Well, that's far from happening as long as you have a high-quality and functional oil filter bypass valve. This is a device that is built into the oil filter, with the purpose of allowing sufficient amount of oil to flow through it in case the oil couldn't flow through the filter. This valve is a safety device that protects the engine against possible problems brought by oil starvation. The oil filter bypass valve works during two given conditions. One is during engine startup, in which case the oil is still cold and cannot flow through the filter freely. To reach the engine, it passes through the valve instead. Two is when the filter gets clogged, determined by a change in the differential pressure. A damaged valve may not have any immediate effect to your engine, but this can get dangerous when the oil filter becomes clogged and there's no way oil can reach your engine parts. Replace a damaged oil filter bypass valve at once and enjoy a safe drive.