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Oil Filter Housing Plug

We have 3 Items for Oil Filter Housing Plug In-stock.

Are you familiar with the number of holes that you have in your oil filter housing? Well, that would depend on the make and model of your vehicle. The said holes serve as passageways of oil from the filter to other components, but not all holes are used at all times-some of them are simply provisions for additional components. When not in use, each hole is plugged with an oil filter housing plug. One example of a hole in your oil filter housing is one that serves as a line going to the turbocharger in case you're installing one. You simply remove the plug and do the necessary connection. Remember, though, that the plug also ages over time-even if it doesn't do anything and is simply there, mounted in place. And when damage occurs in your vehicle's oil filter housing plug, the first indication would be a leak. This plug is one of the common sources of a leak, so it's one of the parts to inspect when you see an oil puddle forming underneath your ride. Fortunately, replacing a damaged plug is very easy. Some drivers experience a hard time removing the old component, but some find threading the hole to be an effective method to do this. And for a replacement oil filter housing plug, Auto Parts Warehouse is your trusted resource.