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Oil Pan Cover

We have 2 Items for Oil Pan Cover In-stock.

If you've ever seen a vehicle being driven while all the oil from the pan is pouring out due to a hole or any other form of damage, you'll surely cringe from the possible effect that this might have on the engine, especially if the driver doesn't notice what's happening. Well, you can avoid this if you get an oil pan cover. The oil pan is just a simple container bolted under the vehicle. It contains the oil that lubricates engine parts as they move. Because of the pan's location, it is susceptible to damage. Rocks thrown by the wheels, tree branches, and other debris can tear it, creating holes through which the oil can leak out. Fortunately, you'll find an oil pan cover in the market to help you protect the pan from damage that may be caused by debris that might get in contact with the pan. Most covers are very tough and come with a steel construction, able to withstand impacts and other forms of damage. This is especially helpful if you frequent the off-roads because these terrains may be littered with stones and branches that can cause damage to the underside of your ride. So, prevent oil pan damage with a new oil pan cover.