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Oil Pump Drive Gear

We have 805 Items for Oil Pump Drive Gear In-stock.

Oil pump not functioning because of a problem with the oil pump drive gear? That is a pretty common problem, and that can get scary. Why? Well, your engine parts need oil for protection against friction. Without sufficient amount of oil circulating around these parts, too much friction and heat can cause them to break down. Soon, you may find yourself facing a huge amount of expense because of part failure. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to end up with a damaged engine just because you fail to address a gear problem? Prevent any possible frustration by paying attention to oil pump drive gear problems in your vehicle. Some of the common troubles that this gear encounters are wobbling and teeth shearing. Looseness in the mounting of the gear and its connection with the shaft can cause instability in the operation of the pump. Meanwhile, shearing of the gear teeth can cause problems with the way the gear drives the pump, and oil may not circulate well around various engine parts. When you experience these and other gear-related problems, be sure to address the issue at once and replace a damaged oil pump drive gear to restore the pump to its operational condition.--end--We have a high-quality replacement gear here at Auto Parts Warehouse! We offer a complete selection of parts, and our oil pump drive gears boast of advanced features. Some of them are ideal for use in vehicles with a distributor-less ignition system because they do not only drive the pump but also offer the function of plugging the distributor hole—double benefits at a fraction of the cost. All you need to do is to pick a gear that matches your car well, one that will be compatible with the oil pump and all the other parts that it will work with. That is easy when you use the part finder feature that we have in our site. Just pick your vehicle’s year, make, and model from our dropdown list, and you’ll get matching oil pump drive gear results that are sure to restore your oil pump’s performance to its previous efficient level. We can also offer live assistance as you shop—just call our toll-free number or chat with us right from the site. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t put up with a malfunctioning pump just because of a gear damage! Get a new part here at Auto Parts Warehouse!