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Oil is one of the major elements needed by your engine in order to continuously operate. Without this essential liquid, the metal parts will heat up and get damaged by the scorching temperature. Since your car's engine is powered by the combustion process, the chamber itself emits extreme heat which cannot be contained without sufficient oil and other coolants to keep the temperature stabilized. To help lubricate the parts well, an oil pump is installed and the device is reinforced by an oil pump seal. Whether it's a gear-type or a rotor-type of oil pump, the component's function is basically the same. Using engine pressure, it must supply and distribute oil evenly to the various engine parts consistently. Over a period of time though the pump may suffer from oil leakage and this could jeopardize the smooth operation of your car. If you notice a slow but steady stream of oil spilling from between the pump and the engine block, take out the oil pump seal immediately and check if it has cracks or holes. The seal is usually O-shaped and is made of rubber or metal so you can easily spot it. When the damage is already beyond repair, purchase a new oil pump seal here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We carry seals from high-class brands and you can get replacement pieces at low prices. Check our catalog today.

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How to Replace a Damaged Oil Pump Seal

You can't set the road on fire if your engine lacks sufficient lubrication. Because the combustion chamber constantly emits extreme heat, you need enough oil in your engine to keep the temperature down and lubricate the metal parts. Loss of lubrication can damage the engine, so you need to ensure the oil pump is free from leakage. A strong oil pump seal is necessary to keep the oil in and the contaminants out. If this seal cracks or breaks, you need to replace it right away to prevent the oil from seeping out. Here are the tools you need and the steps to follow in replacing a damaged oil pump seal:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Ratchet
  • Short #3 Phillips-head bit
  • 3/4-inch 30mm socket with breaker bar
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step 1: Take the top bolts off the fan shroud so that you can detach it from the radiator. Next, remove all bolts holding the fan clutch in place and pull out the assembly. Be careful not to damage the radiator when doing this.

Step 2: Remove your steering stabilizer and splash shield. Next, use a 3/4-inch 30mm socket with breaker bar to remove the crankshaft pulley. Place the socket underneath the frame's passenger side and disengage the distributor lead. Bump the starter to loosen the pulley's bolt.

Step 3: Remove the idler puller and the oil pump cover. Use a short #3 Phillips-head bit to take off the cover's screws. You can use a ratchet and a screwdriver to loosen the bolts before removing them.

Step 4: Pry off the oil pump cover using a small flathead screwdriver. Make sure you place a container directly under the oil pump so that no oil will be spilled once you've pulled the cover off. Clean the cover and the surrounding area to remove old oil.

Step 5: Install the new oil pump seal and use engine oil to hold it in place. Put the cover back and tighten all bolts. Reassemble the parts you removed earlier to complete the installation.


  1. You can use a small hammer to loosen the bolts on the oil pump cover more easily. Tap the hammer on the cover for about 30 seconds to seat the Phillips bit and release the bolts.
  2. Remember not to hit the radiator when tapping on the oil pump cover.

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