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Oxygen Sensor Adapter

We have 6 Items for Oxygen Sensor Adapter In-stock.

The right mixture in exotic alcoholic beverages can only be determined and measured by an expert bartender. Too much alcohol and the guests will pass out. Too little alcohol and the guests will surely complain. So it's the bartender's duty to get the right mixture and taste in the drinks. It's the same with your car though it needs no bartender but an efficient oxygen sensor to measure the correct air/fuel ratio in your engine. An oxygen sensor adapter assists in monitoring the mixture. The device looks like an oddly shaped oblong metal with three holes, the middle one being the biggest. So how does the oxygen sensor fulfill its bartending duties? The emissions component, with the aid of the oxygen sensor adapter, consistently monitors exhaust gases and transmits a signal to the engine management computer, or ECM, regarding the air/fuel ratio. This triggers the ECM to adjust and modify the mixture to get the best possible fuel combustion in order to minimize toxic emissions. Failure of the oxygen sensor adapter to aid the sensor may cause your engine to produce an imbalanced ratio, resulting to engine damage. Find the right replacement here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We take pride in being one of the best online automotive retailers. Check our selections today.