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Oxygen Sensor Harness

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Trying to plug your laptop but the cord's too short to reach the electric socket? There's only one solution for that'search around your house for an extension cord. Oxygen sensor wires, like your laptop cord, sometimes need extensions too because the initial wiring usually lacks length. To extend the wiring on the oxygen sensor, you would need an oxygen sensor harness in order to avoid cutting and lengthening the wires. Without the harness, you would need to cut or remove some of the length first from the engine bay before the wires fit the oxygen sensor assembly. The cutting and lengthening process is a tedious work so you wouldn't want to be stuck doing it. Sometimes the oxygen sensor harness also gets disconnected. The wires from the sensor and the engine bay are plugged together, and insufficient length may cause frequent disconnection from the devices. An unreliable harness may also stretch and break after a few mileage. In some vehicles, the check engine light will alert you in case the harness gets disconnected so the air/fuel mixture is not compromised. For hassle-free wire connection and extension, choose an oxygen sensor harness from Auto Parts Warehouse. We can provide you the best possible sensor connection with our harnesses. Purchase one from our catalog today.

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