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Oxygen Sensor Socket

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It was in the year 1976 when the first oxygen sensor was introduced on a Volvo 240. Then, in 1980 it was implemented in California as part of the emission rules requiring for lower emissions. Finally in 1981, Federal emission laws have made oxygen sensors mandatory for all cars and light trucks. Today, the same emission rules apply on newer vehicles in fact there are some models that have as much as four oxygen sensors. The oxygen sensor is attached in the exhaust manifold to monitor the level of unburned oxygen in the exhaust as air exits the engine. By monitoring the level of oxygen in the exhaust, you will be able to determine the fuel mixture. The sensor provides info on whether the fuel mixture is burning rich means less oxygen or burning lean with more oxygen. Different factors affect the consistency of oxygen in the fuel mixture such as; air temperature, engine coolant temperature, throttle position, barometric pressure, engine load and air flow. The oxygen sensor, just like any other auto parts, also wears out and usually it's caused by contaminants that accumulate on the sensor tip, affecting its ability to function properly. To change and remove this part from the exhaust manifold, an oxygen sensor socket is required. If you don't have an oxygen sensor socket you can always purchase from Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a wide selection of high quality tools. So what are you waiting for? Place your orders today.

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