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Parking Brake Lever Boot

We have 10 Items for Parking Brake Lever Boot In-stock.

Robots like C-3PO and R2-D2 in the Star Wars movie franchise were made with hard metal covering and housing that hid the cables and wires running all over their bodies. When C-3PO was still in its early stages, he wasn't perfectly polished yet into the gleaming gold robot that we know today. The wiring connection across his body was still exposed, making him look rather unfinished and unsightly. Without a protective parking brake lever boot, the emergency hand brake lever of your car would look just the same. The wires and cables connecting the lever to the other brake components would be exposed, and the wiring mess wouldn't look good against your car's polished compartment. Just think of a robot's skeleton-like hand perched beside your driver's seat. Doesn't look good, right? That's why a parking brake lever boot is a necessity as well as an aesthetic addition to your compartment. It not only covers the exposed wires, but it also shields the cables from the damaging effects of moisture and other elements. Try one of our durable boots here at Auto Parts Warehouse. It has style mixed with function and reliability, so you'll definitely get thrice your money's worth. Stock up on our affordable deals today.