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Parking Light Products

The parking light is no longer a popular automotive lighting device among today's vehicles. Despite this, you should never discount the importance of the function that it performs. Imagine having the need to park on a poorly lit road one rainy night-the absence of this lighting component can keep other drivers from seeing your car, and accidents can occur. This auto light is primarily designed to keep your car seen when parked, and this is extremely helpful during harsh-weather drives when fog, rain, or snow can hinder visibility. Depending on the model of your vehicle, it might have a parking light at the front near the headlights, at the rear, or at the sides. The main purpose is to increase your car's visibility to keep it and all its passengers safe. Although most parking lights are wired with the headlights, there are set-ups in which the said lights can be controlled individually. You have to remember, however, that there are laws governing the use of these lights at night and during that day in different states of the US-whether it's legal to run with just the parking lights on and such stuff. Be sure you are familiar with these laws so that you don't mess up with authorities in your drives.If you are searching for a way to perk up your vehicle, the addition of an innovative parking light set is also a good way to achieve that. For instance, there are LED parking lights that do not only emit brighter beams for improved visibility but also look better for enhanced driving appeal. You can get and mount these to get dual benefits in your car. There are also OEM lights if you simply need to replace lights that have gone busted because of wear or age. Never put up with a damaged parking light or you might be risking your driving safety. Whenever you notice that the light is not working, check the part at once to determine the cause of the problem. A bulb could have burned out, or a problem with the electrical connection might have occurred. Once you realize that the light has already succumbed to damage, don't hesitate to replace the part with a new one. Check our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse in order to find the right parking light for your vehicle. Our parts are of top quality, so you know they'll work well once installed.

Repair Guides

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Replacing Broken Parking Lights

Parking lights are safety indicators that make cars more visible during night, foggy, and rainy situations. It is important to immediately repair a broken set because it can be a hazard to other drivers. Here is a general instruction guide on how to remove and install parking lights on your car.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench set
  • Parking light assembly

Step 1: Park your car and turn of the ignition. Disconnect the battery wires.

Step 2: Locate the broken parking light. Depending on where the repair is, open the hood or the trunk to access the back of the assembly. Remove the holding screws and keep them in a safe place. They will be used later.

Step 3: Disconnect the bulb, socket and other wires linked to the parking light. Some assemblies would require you to first remove the bulb from the outside by taking the lens off, then unscrewing the bulb before completely removing the unit.

Step 4: Once all attachments are off, take off and discard the assembly from the car. Next, fit in the molding the new parking light.

Step 5: With a new unit, there is no need to take off the lens anymore because the bulb will directly fit into the socket. Connect assembly to the socket and wires. Secure it by returning all the screws removed earlier.

Step 6: Connect the battery (if removed) and test the lights to see if they work properly.

This quick repair will take around 15 minutes per assembly.


  • Wiring can be very tricky for novices. For a visual guide, take a digital picture of the original wiring connections with the old assembly before taking it apart.

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