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PCV Valve

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Your vehicle has a number of emission control devices installed. One of the simplest, yet most effective, means of controlling emissions is by using a positive crankcase ventilation valve, or better known as the PCV valve. Crankcase emissions are deadly to the environment and greatly contribute to air pollution. Thus, the PCV system in your car was invented in order to lessen these kinds of emissions. The PCV valve is the most vital component in the system, allowing the crankcase gases to be rerouted back to the engine where they are re-burned and reused for better fuel economy. The system makes sure no gases will escape the combustion chambers to greatly reduce the risk of harmful emissions streaming out of your car. Even though it helps the PCV system greatly, the valve is actually just a simple spring-loaded device that is connected to a hose. The device makes it possible to add or lessen the air flow in order to control the air volume flowing through the system. Once the PCV valve in your car has hit its 40, 000-mile mark, replace it immediately to continue the system's emission control process effectively. Don't wait for the valve to deteriorate before taking it out. Shop for a replacement here at Auto Parts Warehouse and make use of our great offers plus affordable discounts. Browse our catalog today to find the best emission control products.